Sync:Stream - Play your iPhone/iPod/iPad music on Xbox 360, PS3 and many more.

Sync:Stream - Play your iPhone/iPod/iPad music on Xbox 360, PS3 and many more.

Found 12th Feb 2012
Well well well, I was getting tired of the poor music in Forza Motorsport 4, so I wanted to play my music on my iPhone, and I remember way back when I had a 3G, it wasn't capable, and still isn't!

So I Googled around and found only Jailbreaked worked, until I stumbled upon 2 Apps called AirMusic, and Streamer4Pro that do the exact same, but for £1.50-£1.99. There was a small comment on one of the reviews I found mentioning Sync:Stream being Free.

Well the rest is history - its unbelievably simple! Works brilliantly!

Here is the information:

Watch HOWTO video:…MvA

Stream synced music from your iOS device using any DLNA compatible digital media player! This includes your Playstation 3, Xbox 360, DirecTV HD DVR, Windows Media Player, WDTV Live, DLNA certified Blu-ray players, DLNA certified TVs, and many more!

☆☆☆ HOWTO ☆☆☆

1. Make sure your iOS device is connected to your home network (or same network as your DLNA device, such as your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360)

2. Start sync:stream on your iOS device

3. Use the interface of your DLNA device to browse and play the music on your iOS device

● Playstation 3: select the Music group in the XMB (XrossMediaBar) interface. Select the "sync:music" server.

● Xbox 360: select the Music Library in the My Xbox group. Select the "SyncMusicLibrary" server.

● Windows 7: start Windows Media Player. Select "sync:music" from the Other Devices list in the left sidebar.

NOTE: If sync:stream is running in the background, you will be prompted every 10 minutes to relaunch sync:stream to keep the server running.


● Your iOS devices needs approximately 50MB of free space
● Only non-DRM music is supported
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Works brilliant Heat added
Good to hear it works a treat for others
Good little feature, thanks for the find!
DLed sync:stream. Gonna love hearing what I love to hear in FM4.

Thanks a TON.
I don't have Windows 7. How can I stream to my laptop on Vista? Tried Windows Media Player, iTunes and VLC.
No idea - Only done the Xbox 360 method.
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