Syncwire 4-Port USB Wall Charger with Interchangeable UK EU US Travel Adaptor DOTD @ Amazon (£9.43 Prime)

Syncwire 4-Port USB Wall Charger with Interchangeable UK EU US Travel Adaptor DOTD @ Amazon (£9.43 Prime)

Found 4th Dec 2017

  • Smart IC Technology: Syncwire USB Charger can recognize any

    device and automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging

    current for any connected device - ensuring the faster, more efficient


  • Full-Speed Charging travel adaptor: 4 Ports (2×2.4A + 2×1A) could

    max up to a 34W/6.8A output, full-speed charging up to four devices at

    the same time and automatically adapting the output for each one


  • Portable Sized wall charger for travel: the travel adaptor with

    UK EU US removable adapters is easy to fit into an All-in-One Gadget.

    Automatic voltage adjustment between 100v and 240v, Small size and easy

    portability make the usb charger easy to carry along and suitable for


  • Certified Safe: Syncwire travel plug is approved for UL-FCC-CE

    certification, the sturdy Polycarbonate shell, the built-in "smart IC"

    & the thermal material design keep the charger going against

    overheat and over-load on the unit and over-charge onto the devices

  • Premium Support - Fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service and 24/7 email support for your peace of mind
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No Quick Charge facility but a great charger.
Edited by: "thetarget" 4th Dec 2017
13.99 showing?
£13.99 now
great charger only issue I would say is the UK plug earth pin is not the correct size (there is no UK standard for this pin by UK law) so push the charger away from the wall (only a couple of MM and tested in 5 different wall sockets) I have contacted Synwire and never heard back. I also know the older model had a issue where it would just stop working but they send out an email and would be covered under warranty.

I did also have a Iphone cable from them about 3-4 years old and it stopped working and they replaced it (under the life time warranty). so now all my cable are from this company. Have to say the Iphone cable are Top.
but the micro USB ones are naff have ran through 3 of them in about a year (2 of them i worked with for about 6months, i order up 2 replacement ones and forgot to contact the company, now 1 of the new cables have done the same. but still have 1 more backup cable from them ). they all work fine and about 4 months later they are very loose when connected to phone and tablet and you have to sit it the right way for them to charge.
will be contacting them this week about these cables and see if they get replaced.
Edited by: "djmackie2000" 4th Dec 2017
Great charger. I use one of these as my Nintendo Switch portable charger.In one of the 2.4A sockets, the Switch will retain charge level, or at worst drop a few % - never had it go dead, and charges happily over a few hours.

Obviously it'll simultaneously charge 3 other things too.
Well made, perhaps even a little heavy for a travel adaptor!
deleted17217504th Dec 2017

13.99 showing?

Predikuesi4th Dec 2017

£13.99 now

How strange. It was a deal of the day at £9.43 and valid until just before midnight tonight. Perhaps they sold out of the stock allocation for DOTD?

A bit cheeky as the item is still in stock with Prime as pointed out for £13.99
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