Synecdoche New York (2 Discs) DVD - £4.99 delivered @

Synecdoche New York (2 Discs) DVD - £4.99 delivered @

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Haven written Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Charlie Kaufman's hotly anticipated first outing as director is a singularly inventive affair. As rewarding as it is dazzlingly perplexing, it is the story of theatre director Caden Cotard (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and his drive to produce his masterwork.

Living in Schenectady, New York, Cotard's life is looking bleak. His marriage is faltering, his work is stalled, and his body is beginning to be beset by medical problems.

When he receives a 'genius grant' for his work he sees a way of addressing the despair he feels, and moves his theatre company to a warehouse in New York City to embark on an ambitious on-going project, based on constructing a representation of his life.

The stellar cast includes Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Michelle Williams, Samantha Morton and Diane Wiest.


This is crap

Yours sincerely Barry Norman

I enjoyed it - it was soooo weird I found it very compelling but most definitely not for everyone. It helps that it has one of the best actors ever to have lived as the lead.(IMHO)

Thought the speech at the end was good too.


Agh - bought it from Fopp for 6 quid a few days ago. Brilliant movie - surprised you guys think it's Kauffman's worst as I find it hard to choose between this, Eternal Sunshine and Adaptation.

Of all Kaufman's films I also find it hard to understand why some people think it's his worst. I think this is equally as good if not better than Being John Malkovich. I did find it a little hard to follow at first:whistling:, but the more I watch it, the more I notice. I'd rate it well on re-playability (if that's even a word). But this isn't a review site so good deal mate. Heat added.

P.S. Last time I checked, the blu-ray was £7.49 on amazon if anyone's interested.

It's better than Human Nature!

This film blew me away. Waiting for the Blu-Ray price to drop though.
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