Synn Gold-Plated Fully-Wired Scart Cable 1.2 Metres £1.99(save 84%) + FREE DELIVERY @ play.com
Synn Gold-Plated Fully-Wired Scart Cable 1.2 Metres £1.99(save 84%) + FREE DELIVERY @ play.com

Synn Gold-Plated Fully-Wired Scart Cable 1.2 Metres £1.99(save 84%) + FREE DELIVERY @ play.com

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Amazing deal for a gold plated scart lead!!


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I've just ordered it...for £2 scart lead,its a top lead and deal...get it,deal lead..anagram lol......theyre selling scart leads at tesco for £9.97 and its crappy tehnika..

People are still using scart leads?

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i dont have hd tv lol not yet anyway

I'd be more interedted to know if the wiring is individually screened. Thats what makes the difference with a SCART lead.

A friend of mine was using a cheap crappy supermarket one. I made him replace it with a half decent one with individual shielding and it made a HUGE difference to the picture quality coming through. Even his wife admitted it was a lot better and shes one of these luddites who refuses to see the difference between SD and HD ....

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what u mean?

Each pin in a SCART lead has it's own little wire inside the fat part of the cable that connects it to the pin at the other end.

If these are not shielded, or badly shielded, you can get cross-talk and intereference.

It was only when my mate upgraded his little 23" CRT to a 32" LCD that he noticed how bad the picture from his Sky box was. Replaced his cheap nasty supermarket SCART lead with a half decent one with individually shielded connections (only cost about a fiver) and it made a HUGE difference. Better colour, sharper picture and no ghosting. (ghosting was the worst problem caused by the old lead)

SCART is not like HDMI. The quality of the lead can make a considerable difference to the picture that comes through it. Modern LCD and plasma TV's expose these deficiencies much more than fuzzy old CRT's did .....

Doesn't say if the wiring is individually screened, but here's the description from Play.com

Gold-plated plug for optimum connection
Double-screened cable for superior interference rejection
All 21 pins wired - supports automatic source-switching
Bi-directional stereo audio and RGB/composite video
Compatible with all scart-equipped DVD players, VCRs, HDD players, satellite and Freeview receivers, games consoles, etc.

Double-screened refers to an overall foil screen and an overall lapped wire screen.

Sainsbury's are selling 3m Double-screened Vivanco leads for £1 (the shelf edge ticket says £7.99 reduced to £1.99): hotukdeals.com/dea…654

Now, if someone's got a deal on true individually-screened SCART leads (i.e. with mini-coax inside for RGB, Composite In/out and audio), I'm all ears... I think the Pro-Signal PSG00321 to PSG00326 range from CPC/Farnell might be, but I could do with confirmation from someone who's actually opened theirs up.

I ordered two of these and have just received them. They aren't gold-plated nor are they fully wired. They are just basic cables.

What did you think of yours, KopCity? I'm returning mine.

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ive received mine n da 1st thought was.....WHERE THE HELL IS GOLD?
Havin said that,it seems to show better pic than my previous technika scart lead which WAS gold...

i dnt think its worth returning it for £2 mate.
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