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Posted 14 November 2022

Synology DS218 2 Bay NAS Enclosure - £189.50 @ Amazon

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Product details
Digital storage capacity2 GB
Connectivity technologySATA
Hard disk form factor3.5 Inches
Compatible devicesSmartphone
Memory storage capacity: 2
Versatile 2-bay NAS for small offices and home users
64-bit quad-core processor delivering sequential throughput at over 112MB/s reading and 112 MB/s writing
2 GB DDR4 memory, 4 times the capacity than its predecesso

Lowest price ever.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    There are some with 'Like New' with 10% off.
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    They're finally updating their single bay range apparently. The DS123 is due out soon, four and a half years after the DS118.
    Nice sounds like that might be an ok replacement for a Pi with hopefully the capacity to run a few containers.
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    I dont know if it was this model or different one but i regret cancelling my order from amazon. It was like £120 last year I believe.

    Now I want so i can use it as personal cloud. As well as run few other things (edited)
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    I have a 218j... thinking to update with this one...

    Edit: Well I bought it with "only packaging damage" at £158. Seems a fair price. (edited)
    What's the point of upgrading from 218j to this one? They both have the same CPU this one has more RAM as the main difference. Why not + series as "upgrade".
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    is this capable of transcoding plex?
    Depends if your taking 1080p or 4k?
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    Doesn't seem like it's cheap enough to me. Isn't this the model with the realtek processor and non-upgradable 1GB of RAM? I think if it was the DS218+ it would be more similar to the DS220+ and much better suited to Plex etc. I'd be waiting for a black Friday deal or discount code on a DS220+ (or a 4/5 bay as most people like to fill up the space!)
    This one is 2Gb of RAM
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    You never know how good these are until you've had one - 2 bays for light use but go for the 4 bay so you can expand.
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    Had one of these for a while and it's quite decent. I only have it on the LAN and not exposed to the web but there's a great FB group where you can ask specific questions and get support from non Synology staff.
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    Check out nascompares on YouTube to learn more.

    I'm waiting for the 920 deals to pair with my unRAID server
    If you have an unraid server why would you want an expensive Synology as well?
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    Does anyone know what the power consumption is one this, amazon info says 14.99 w, but is it then 5 w per hdd you add on top of that or is 14.99w the max draw it will make.?
    The drives will add more draw
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    In 2 minds , this one or the 220+
    depends what you want to do with it, if it's anyttrhing more than simple file storage I'd recommend going with the 220+. On my 920+ I do file storage, media download box via docker containers, plex server etc.
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    I have an old DS216J which is in need of updating. Am I right in saying I'll be able to swap the drives out of that and pop them into this?
    You have to backup all your data, before tranfering HDD on new Synology device, as it is automatically cleaned up when a new drive is installed.
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    Any good deals for 4TB drives?
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    have been using dell optipex ultra small form factors and I don't even look at these nases no more
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    With the low cost of Netflix, Disney + etc, do people still use these as a storage for “home movies” or are you using them for something different?
    I have one which just stores family photos on and can’t really think of any other uses for it tbh.
    Premium Netflix just went up to £16 a month.

    "Low cost"
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    I have DS920+, and only getting 30-60kb per second. Seems like it requires tons of settings to get a higher speed. why not plug and play?
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    hey fellas, can i play and run games of this with a fast enough connection? not massive 100gb+ games but things like 30-40gb and under (edited)
    Personally use it just as a backup for pictures. In case my pc or facebook goes down.

    You might use it to download stuff, stream movies, have your personal website hosted in it… its basically a small pc with some redundancy when it comes to data storage
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    Never understood why would people need this? What are the uses?? Are you a Data hoarder? I struggle to fill even half of my 128 gb phone and people need to store terabytes of data?
    I fill 128GB card with 4K clips just for one video.
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    If it was it's back on now.