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Synology DS220+ 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £252.86 @ eBay ebuyer_uk_ltd - UK Mainland

£252.86£297.4815% off
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DS220+ is a 2-bay desktop NAS designed for fast data sharing and management. It newly features dual 1GbE LAN ports to support network failover, and with Link Aggregation enabled, DS220+ provides over 225 MB/s sequential read and 192 MB/s sequential write1 throughput. Data can be further protected with RAID 1 disk mirroring to prevent sudden drive failure.

  • 2-core 2.0 GHz Processor, burst up to 2.9 GHz and boosts photo indexing, database response times, and web PHP response efficiency - average 15% boost to computing-intensive applications
  • Access multimedia content anytime, anywhere through an intuitive web-based interface
  • Seamless integration with your mobile devices - access your data quickly and securely wherever you are
  • Btrfs file system for cutting-edge storage technologies and optimised snapshots to prevent data corruption and reduce maintenance overhead
  • Access and sync your files seamlessly, easily retrieve previous versions of your shared files and protect your files as scheduled or in real-time

Establish a Strong Storage Foundation with Btrfs
DS220+ features a Btrfs file system optimized by Synology to offer you high reliability and high performance. Btrfs supports advanced storage technologies that meet the needs of modern business:

Powerful Backup Tools
DS220+ offers users a range of backup solutions for cloud and physical, onpremises environments. Backing up and restoring data is effortless – and completely free of licenses on compatible NAS models.

Your Personal Multimedia Library
DS220+ helps you easily manage multimedia content and share it across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

Cool & Quiet Design for Energy Efficiency
Synology DS220+ is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Compared with its average PC counterpart, Synology DS220+ consumes less power, at 14.96 watts while accessing and 4.41 watts when hard drive hibernation is enabled. The power scheduling feature further reduces power consumption and operating cost.

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    As a solo, looking to have my stuff accessible wherever, and perhaps sharing with one or two remotely, is this a good option for a beginner, or should I try and future proof myself and dump £500 on the 920+ ? I have a Plex Lifetime account and run a Shield Pro.
    I know the 920+ can be ram upgraded, and will be better for the money, but will the price difference be justified?
    What is the opinion about waiting for Amazon advance sales in 8 days time?
    We'll ignore hard drives at the moment. (edited)
    Yes, it's a perfect start point... But if like me you'll want to upgrade and with 2 bays your extremely limited. I had the DS218j and wish I'd got this instead due to support for docker and transcoding. If you've got the money go big as it's a PITA moving from 2 bays to 4 later down the line
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    Does anyone know what storage does this come with on each drive? I'm very new to NAS so hope its not a silly question.
    This does not have any drives in, just the enclosure.
  3. Avatar
    Nice one. Had DS215j for 5 years now and it's been faultless. But wanting docker, so this was on my shopping list.
  4. Avatar
    Thanks OP waited ages for it to drop..and will not go back to below £200. .so purchased (edited)
    Wanting Amazon to get their act together
  5. Avatar
    They might update their single bay range before I retire ..
    Depends... How close to retirement are you?
  6. Avatar
  7. Avatar
    I know it goes without saying, but these are cracking bays, I've had mine about 18 months now and it has been flawless; I bought 2 WD Red Pro drives.
    Reds are hardware RAID capable drives, not many know that Synology only use software RAID you could have saved some money on cheaper drives.
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    Is the warranty still valid if bought via eBay?
    Why wouldn’t it. You’re buying new, it’s the same as if you are buying from their own website.
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    Am I missing something as I really don’t understand why NAS enclosures are so expensive when a decent quality used small form factor ex-corporate computer will do exactly the same job providing it can accommodate at least two drives and almost all makes support RAID if required.I have been using a HP desktop computer as a server for years, recently upgraded the drives to a pair of 4TB Seagate IronWolf’s, it has never failed and cost a fraction of what these NAS enclosures cost and doesn’t require proprietary software to operate it.
    One of the things you're paying for with this is the software, of which there is quite a bit included and it's quite well regarded.
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    Wish they did a 2 or 4 bay quad core Intel CPU but in a rack setup and a short depth case for home racks
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    Attempted to order this and a few other things from ebuyer. All cancelled and refunded. Nice. I always forget why I don't shop from them anymore
  12. Avatar
    Wondering if this could get cheaper around Christmas, in no rush, but want to setup my first nas for file/photo storage and the second drive for enter internment.

    Just quite a big spend at the current price dear o lawd
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    Had mine for a year and a half and been running PLEX on it, it's am amazing bit of kit. I originally had it plugged in to my router but that was in the hallway and not really convenient and not really room for a powerline or powerline with pass through as only one socket and tight for room. I ended up trying to connect it to my Sky Q 2TB box via ethernet without much hope but it works fine so this is how it's connected to my home network. I wish their new drives came with a HDMI out for direct play. I know it sort of defeats the point but if your NAS can be connected direct to your TV or an AMP a HDMI connection would make perfect sense. I've found with a few rips my setup can't cope with True 7.1 sound only AAC7.1, HDMI would of solved this but hey ho.
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    I bought mine two years ago but it is still only being used to download our family photos from our phones...
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    I’ve got an old WD ex2 ultra not supported anymore and can only access files within the network. How hard would
    It be to transfer all the data across. I’ve got a 4 and a 12 tb dial in atm, not setup as raid.

    I assume they have their own way of formatting the drives (edited)
    I think from memory that WD uses encryption, so you couldn't just swap the drives from it into the Synology. You would need to set up the Synology with new drives then transfer over the network, or use a usb drive as a temporary 'lifeboat' for your data. Be careful!
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    I have a DS214SE which is fantastic but a bit noisy and a bit slow. I was thinking of DS220+ and 2x2Tb SSDs, which is enough storage for me; films & TV shows I delete after watching and all are replaceable anyway. The irreplaceable stuff fits in a few hundred Gb.
    Is it a bad policy to use SSDs in a NAS?
    A lot of people talking about PLEX. I just use the supplied DS Video which seems great to me - my TVs can play stuff using their own media players and the Sony can install the DS Video app which is really lovely to use. What does PLEX do apart from paly media? I looked online and couldn't really work out what it actually does.
    Plex makes it look snazzy basically. Lots of other features such as automatically downloading the next episode to your phone, automatically grabbing subtitles, and it will automatically transcode pretty much any file on pretty much and client. It's terrific, but if you have your needs covered, then why change?