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Synology DS220j 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £145 @ Amazon

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Synology DiskStation DS220j is an entry-level network-attached storage for your household to store and share photos, videos, documents, and all types of personal data. The 2-bay private cloud solution provides complete and intuitive data protection approaches for you to easily back up computer data and mobile photos, with just a few clicks.

  • Sequential throughput at over 112 MB/s reading and writing
  • Cross-device file sharing and syncing platform
  • Reliable computer backup companion for Windows / macOS and photos from mobile devices
  • Freely access your files on the go with iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Backed by Synology’s 2-year limited warranty

• A Simple-to-Use Private Cloud for Everyone
24/7 file server for your household to store, share, and backup personal data

• Easy-to-Use
Award-winning DiskStation Manager (DSM) brings intuitive operation flow and reduces learning curve

• Seamless File Sharing
Access and share data with any Windows, macOS, and Linux computers or mobile devices

• On-the-Fly Streaming
Integrated media server to support multimedia content streaming

• Anytime, Anywhere
Freely access private cloud files on-the-go and back up mobile photos with iOS and Android apps

• Data Guardian
Safeguard digital assets with cross-platform computer backup applications

What's in the box?

  • Main Unit
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Accessory pack
  • AC power adapter
  • RJ-45 LAN cable

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  1. Avatar
    Can anyone recommend a good website to read up (reviews, set up, use ideas, etc) on NAS drives. I want to back up photos whilst away from the house, back up music which all seems possible

    They also have a really good Youtube channel.
  2. Avatar
    Don’t buy the white J models. They are too slow. Get a DS218 it is soooo much better
    I find it fine for streaming music to my hi-fi in various rooms. But yes the black ones have more RAM etc and are more flexible
  3. Avatar
    I have one of these. The CPU is terrible, the slightest thing you ask it to do and it's at 100% CPU utilisation and slow
    What are you asking it to do? It’s designed to be a file server and not much more.
  4. Avatar
    Good price. I suspect new models will be on the horizon soon, possibly October.
    The DS218play is £30 more which is a good price also
  5. Avatar
    It is a good introduction to the world of Synology and I think I started with something similar. If you really think you are going to use a NAS a lot then it is likely this will be outgrown quickly but Synology tend to hold value well so you'd get a reasonable price when you sell it on. I bought a 218Play to use as a music server but anything else I'd go for one of the + models every time.
  6. Avatar
    What’s this?
  7. Avatar
    Great for file sharing but not much else. I've had one for 4 years now with no issues.
  8. Avatar
    Is this good enough for sharing photos and small video?
    That's all it's good for really
  9. Avatar
    I was going to get one of these for my own Plex server but had a Pi 3b+ laying around so attached my external HD to that and it's been amazing, plays HD and 4K movies to any of my devices (no transcoding obviously) but it works like a charm.
    I've got plex on my pc but it's a pain to go turn it on and stop it from sleeping etc

    May I ask

    What software do you use?
    What's the impact of not transcoading everything I haves in 1080p
  10. Avatar
    I've got one of these with a couple of 4tb drives in it. Mainly for file sharing, but I do stream movies I've ripped from it to my Roku, which has a Synology app available. Nothing but good things to say about it. I've run a test website from it as well. Handy to be able to sync with cloud backup services as well. Have mind auto syncing my photos to Google Drive.
  11. Avatar
    Could someone with experience in NAS setups please advise on whether this one would be a downgrade performance-wise from DS118?

    (Obviously it's an upgrade bay-wise!)