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Posted 30 September 2022

Synology DS920+ 4 Bay NAS Enclosure, Black - £484.49 @ Amazon

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Not bad for this model.

Info added by @Sashecuador
4002761-ALfEM.jpgHigh-speed scalable storage server
Synology DS920+ is an ideal network-attached storage solution to streamline data management and productivity.

Scalable storage design lets you start small and expand storage capacity with Synology DX517 as your data grows.

CPU - 4-core 2.0 (base) / 2.7 (burst) GHz

Memory - 4GB DDR4 non-ECC

Maximum memory capacity - 8 GB (4 GB + 4 GB)

Performance - Over 225 MB/s and 225 MB/s encrypted sequential reading and writing
4002761-MWRqa.jpgBackup appliance
Using Active Backup for Business you can protect any device in your business and replicate it to the cloud. Designed to provide a comprehensive while centralized data protection solution, helping you backup business PCs, VMs, physical servers, and file servers.

You can generate reports based on your policy and see it in your inbox, letting you quickly see backup status without logging into your NAS.

Built-in global deduplication greatly reduces storage consumption across devices, platforms and versions.
Complete multimedia solution for management, streaming, and playback. You can manage all your movies, TV shows and home videos on your DS920+.

Download the DS Video app and you can stream to your smart phone, computer or TV- providing you with a fun watching experience.

Distribute your photo gallery or videos through one secure shared link with custom permission levels.
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About this item
  • Scalable NAS with SSD cache acceleration capability
  • DS920+ provides two built-in M.2 SSD slots so that one can take full advantage of Synology SSD Cache functionality
  • A more powerful CPU speeds up computing-intensive applications
  • Access and sync files seamlessly
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  1. Avatar
    Anyone know a decent guide for setting this up as a media server?
    Nas compares has a good series on setup
  2. Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up but the difference needs to be at least £20 to justify firing the Delorean up, what with the price of fuel at the moment.
  3. Avatar
    Got a 918+ running a plex server all my friends and family are using, plus a whole host of docker containers/ home automation stuff.
    Great little machine and a fun project for those into that stuff
    I have the 918 but im just about to sell to as I’m building a unraid server with an i5 12500 instead I was hoping to get 400 for my 418! Seems like the prices are dropping !!
  4. Avatar
    Thank you for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread
  5. Avatar
    A side note, I have a J4125 router with 8GB RAM, 256GB NVME SSD, and it costs about £140, with upgradability. With £100 you can certainly probably add a raid card or just a pcie card to add more sata ports plus a HD rack. So you are spending about £200 on the Synology for its software ecosystem and services. Is it worth it? I would think so.
    You referring to one of those fanless routers? Do you have a link to one? Can't find a bare bones one.
  6. Avatar
    Surprised it is a J4125 inside, impressive.
    I have the two bay version and it's excellent as a Plex server. The chip is weak by today's standards, but you pay for the form factor, energy efficiency and software licence in the price. You could build an unraid server way cheaper and easily more powerful for the same price.
  7. Avatar
    I recall watching a YouTube video in the last year suggesting using a NAS like this would be more cost effective than using cloud storage ultimately. With the cost of electricity at the moment, guess the break even point is a little longer now. Plus of course you’d have to rely on someone not turning the power off randomly!

    I have a Nas and I personally wouldn't want my photos on it. Cloud storage much safer as they have lots of back up capacity that's unaffordable for the consumer and better security.
  8. Avatar
    Use this as my emby server. Very capable machine
    use jellyfin!
  9. Avatar
    4.94% possible using cardyard
  10. Avatar
  11. Avatar
    Ready great unit. Mine is running Plex with 4k transcode, direct play no worries, along with many *Art's via docker.

    Just make sure that you use Plex Docker as Synology package doesn't have hardware decoding.
    I actually setup a plex docker container with casaos on my rpi3b 1gb. It runs soooooooooo much smoother than a standalone install! Same for all the *arrs. Somehow apparently rpi3b with almost no ram prefers docker, who knew?
  12. Avatar
    Weren't there rumours for 923 late fall?
  13. Avatar
    I have the 418play, not quite ready to upgrade yet.
  14. Avatar
    What's this like for transcoding media content for plex or emby or am I better off building a htpc / media server (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Just to clarify, isn't this the usual price on Amazon?
    It was...
  16. Avatar
    I have a 916+ that can't transcode 4k; I can only use my Shield TV. Is this model capable of transcoding 4k so that any SMART TV, dongle, etc can stream it? I can only watch my 4K content in the living room at the moment.
    Is their actually any need to transcode in the home? I only need that benefit when I am away from home and I am streaming remotely.
  17. Avatar
    I'm looking at something like this to support my home server - as my home server idles at 150W.

    Which one does 4K streaming?
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