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Posted 14 September 2022

Synology RT6600AX Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router £261.99 at Box.co.uk

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Wi-Fi Router
1x Gigabit WAN | 1x 2.5 GbE configurable WAN/LAN | 3x Gigabit LAN ports
1x USB 3.2 Gen 1 port
Ultra-fast and secure wireless router for homes and small offices

Info added by @wadz

  • Supercharged Performance - Expanded 5.9 GHz spectrum support enables additional high-speed 80 and 160 MHz channels
  • Built for Fast Networking - 2.5GbE port enables support for the fastest ISPs and can optionally be configured as a LAN port
  • Secure Network Foundation - Create and define up to 5 separate networks to segregate and contain vulnerable devices
  • Granular Management Tools - Parental controls, web filtering, traffic control, and threat prevention put you in control over your network
  • Simple Remote Access - Comprehensive VPN server solution with remote desktop and site-to-site tunneling provides flexible and secure remote connectivity

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    Would have been excellent if it had 2x 2.5GB ports. 1x 2.5GB port is almost useless as the output can only be 1GB . So not completely useless but having a 2nd or 3rd 2.5GB port would have been good
    You hit the reason why I wont be buying it on the head.

    So stupid that it doesn't have a second to allow you to connect it to a switch with more 2.5 or 10Gbps ports as FTTP is soon to start giving widespread faster speeds than 1Gbps soon.
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    I'm getting a bit of antenna envy... six of them, if this doesn't get a signal I don't know what will!
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    Hey everyone I’m after a router having moved to virgin media and the awful wifi on super hub 3 (previously BT, and their hub covered all corners of the home fine).

    Wi-Fi drops constantly and is usually fixed by turning the super hub 3 off and back on. It achieves around 100-180MB of 200MB in the furthest spots. BT was consistent 150MB all over home.

    Is this sufficient/overkill? Any other recommendations?

    A network drive to stream files from at high speed (bandwidth for 4K HDR streaming) would be a bonus id happily pay for. (edited)
    HUAWEI AX3 AX3000 (WS7100) Dual Band Wi-Fi Router, Dual-core Wi-Fi 6 Plus Revolution, Wi-Fi Speed up to 3000 Mbps, Supports Access Point Mode, Parental Control, Guest Wi-Fi amzn.eu/d/b…voM
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    guys any suggestions for a router to use with Virgin Media Hub 3 (modem mode) ~ £100???
    I have one of these DLINK WIFI 6 routers, got it cheaper in 2021 Amazon Prime day, but it was plug and play for me. Plugged it in and it worked.


    Pros : Just about everything, the link speed I get is 1720Mb/s. Dead easy to setup, flawless WIFI speed. I have 500Mb broadband and I get full bandwidth over WIFI
    Cons: Not very frequent firmware updates
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    Can is use the MR2200AC router as a mesh with this system or do you need to use another RT6600AX due to the tri-band system?
    Bit late to the party, but it sounds like that one can - Update SRM version of the RT2600ac or MR2200ac to the latest version (SRM 1.3.1 or above.) If the RT2600ac or MR2200ac is part of a mesh Wi-Fi system, you only need to update the primary router; additional routers will be automatically updated.
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    Anyone who could help me with my quest for the perfect router?Thanks everyone.

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    £265.99 now