System Mechanic V.16. SAVE GBP 19,00

System Mechanic V.16. SAVE GBP 19,00

Found 30th Jan 2017
Try this software if your computer has lags or issues, if no, please go to another deal...
Thank you!

Software is valid like premium for 6 months.

Make Your PC Run Like New Again

Features and Benefits
Keep your hard drive clean and error-free
Automatically delete junk files left behind by untidy programs, system freezes, and sudden restarts. Easily fix hundreds of errors involving the hard drive, system components, installed software, hardware, and more.

Tune your PC automatically
Patented ActiveCare® technology runs in the background, fixing and optimizing your PC during periods of inactivity. It never interrupts with schedulers or messages, and stops the instant your system needs resources for other tasks.

Boost PC and internet performance
Improve Windows startup, your internet connection speed, and download times. Get the most out of installed programs.

Protect your system
Automatically repair Windows security flaws that leave you vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves.

Privacy Shield™

Thwarts Microsoft'w aggressive new personal data collection by disabling Windows 10 features that share your Wi-Fi network connections with your contacts, use your internet bandwith for peer-to-peer updates, and gather information regarding your browser habits, program usage and more.

Consolidated toolset is the easiest to use and has the smallest footprint of any version yet.

The download link for System Mechanic is given to you above. Your license key for System Mechanic is also given to you above. Download and install System Mechanic.

After install, go to HELP -> SYSTEM MECHANIC -> CHANGE KEY and enter your license key. After that, hit ACTIVATE NOW and enjoy!
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I'm using it for last 8 years, really good pack of tools with decent AV engine.

I'm using it for last 8 years, really good pack of tools with decent AV … I'm using it for last 8 years, really good pack of tools with decent AV engine.

Yes, me also, been using for years, definitely kept my pic running great, yearly paid subscriber, well worth it.
cold because it's only a 6-month licence, not a year subscription or free-to-keep like some software postings.
That's a lot of money for 6 months only oO
like id trust software from a company with spelling mistakes, at least i presume its their fault i cant imagine you typing everything out
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