System Shock Pack - Steam £2.69 (includes System Shock 2 & System Shock Enhanced)

System Shock Pack - Steam £2.69 (includes System Shock 2 & System Shock Enhanced)

Found 13th Aug 2017Edited by:"teldel7"
System Shock 2 for Windows, Mac and Steam.
System Shock Enhanced Edition for Windows only
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Good deal, has anyone played the first one recently? Any idea how it runs on windows 10? Cheers
I've just bought the first one. SS2 is still one of the best games I've played - mood wise. Hot.
While I was researching these games, I found a demo of the remastered version of System Shock that's coming out in 2018. Thought I may as well share it here. It's a Steam demo - the demo has been delisted but you can still access it by following the link below, then clicking "Free".…90/
...oh, and if anyone wants to buy the games separately, they're currently £1.39 each and DRM-free on GOG.…k_2
11pm, lights out then System shock then system shock 2 then soma then.... GOOD LUCK SLEEPING!!
Great deal   Thanks OP 👌
Voted hot because of the price ad the fact that everyone should play System Shock 2.

Literally completed it for the 7th time last night and had completed Deus Ex a couple of weeks ago - you can see just how much influence SS2 had on the mechanics of Deus Ex.
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