T-EQUALISER - reacts to sound around you only 12.95 @ Firebox
T-EQUALISER - reacts to sound around you only 12.95 @ Firebox

T-EQUALISER - reacts to sound around you only 12.95 @ Firebox

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thought this looked fairly cool when browsing through some festival items. havent checked postage but still a nice little gig shirt.

When we first heard about a T-shirt called the T-Equaliser we half expected to see a garment depicting a moody looking Edward Woodward (youngsters, get Googling). But no, the T-Equaliser gets its name from the fact it has a whacking great graphic equaliser across its chest.

But it's not some ironed-on picture of a classic LED equaliser (like the ones Capri drivers favoured back in the Harry Bigbutton 80s). No, this particular equaliser is of the electro luminescent variety, and it actually reacts to the music it 'hears'. How? Well a clever little mini battery pack is hidden in a pocket just inside the hem. This powers the gleaming LEDs on the equaliser. Clever, eh!

Looking flash
Rendering every other 'look at me' T-shirt utterly obsolete, the T-Equaliser is the ultimate in clubwear.Forget about sweary shock Ts and retro schlock Ts, this eye-catching shirt is guaranteed to mesmerise fellow clubbers and pubbers as it illuminates and moves in time to the music.

We've noticed that the T-Equaliser goes mad to that 'uncha-uncha-uncha' cacophony favoured by clubbers, but it also seems to like metal and the (cranked up) theme to Father Dowling Investigates. The darker the venue and the louder the music, the better.

We donned our T-Equalisers for a night out and lost count of the people who asked where we got them. Of course, we said Firebox. And so will everyone else, so get ordering and pump up the volume before it's too late.


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also added 5 quid voucher so works out at about 12 quid with free delivery. not too bad

:)Voting hot purely for the Edward Woodward reference!:thumbsup:

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*quickly googles Edward Woodward*

now thats what i call an invention. just need some guts to wear it in public now

Ive got one, its pretty cool! Good quality t-shirt.
Paid £17 for mine.

Can this be washed lol

Perfect accompliant for your David Hasselhoff - Sings America classic album :thumbsup:


My mates got it. Might not be as good for gigs as you'd expect. Firstly it isn't a proper equaliser so like the bass end of the eqauliser doesn't go up on it's own in reaction bass notes. It's more just done on volume. And when my mate wore it down the pub without music and just abient talking noise, the thing stayed at "full" constantly.

thread should be called

"How to look like a complete loser"

Also please don't forget 10% Quidco!

hmm they don't do it in small

Heh, I ordered this the other day!! If you go via CD-Wow's gadget section (powered by Firebox) then you'll get free postage as an option.

I'm not sure what's better... that or buying via firebox and using the £5 off.

More like the geekqualiser!

[size=1](I had one of these, sent it back after the circuit went up in smoke!)[/size]

i'm sad, i really want this, great for going clubbing

"big box, small box , little box "



:)Voting hot purely for the Edward Woodward reference!:thumbsup:

Should wear it to the [URL="www.thewickermanfestival.co.uk"]Wickerman Festival[/URL] then!

I would only ever comtemplate wearing this if i was Big Ern McCracken. Still have to vote you hot though kid as these are the deals that keep me addicted to this site.

ordered lol it will be good fun at parties....

let's see how many standing in a line can do the 'wave'

They also have this t-shirt at [url]www.Oli.co.uk[/url] for £9.


They also have this t-shirt at ]www.Oli.co.uk for £9.

only XL available though...


hmm they don't do it in small

Eat more :thumbsup:


i'm sad, i really want this, great for going clubbing "big box, small box … i'm sad, i really want this, great for going clubbing "big box, small box , little box "

Yeah - great for going clubbing if you wanna look like a complete to$$er :whistling:

Spotted this the other day after reading Firebox promo e-mail; and as already had fiver voucher for Firebox, went ahead and put my order in anyway; should be here in the next day or two.

Despite what some people seem to think (perhaps the Marmite of t-shirts?), i've seen it worn before, and liked it enough to want to get one myself; so jobs a good 'un!

Good spot and good deal nonetheless, though.

I had one about 2 years ago, wore it to creamfields 2006 and the battery pack unknowingly fell off and probably got crushed somewhere, rendering my t shirt useless! I didn't notice because the battery had died earlier, being a 10 hour rave and all that.

In loud music like that, the bars don't really go up and down, they more or less stay up all the time, but it still looks kinda cool and does get a fair few looks and people asking where I got it from. There's a few more designs on ebay with similar prices.

Where can I get this in small :D?

Sounds cool.

You could be the envy of all your friend with this one!

With my fugitive status this sort of purchase is probably unwise :thumbsup:

My favourite Equalizer line from Edward Woodward...

"I am the war you must avoid"

What made it better was he said it to some 20st bodybuilder!!!

this is either extremly cool or extremly uncool, I cant decide


heat added~

I just bought this for £8.10 including postage and packaging using the following discount codes:



It is quite long; add the items to the basket, checkout, add the codes, new customer, fill in details incl payment, then next then on the delivery page (asks u what time and date for delivery) you will see the discount apply before you confirm everything inc. payment. I hope this helps!!!

Good Luck

Forgot to add that it is from the Oli website

type in the following product code in the quick search 47E953WB4

Oh i think they only have XL in stock Extra Large: 44-46"

Don't you need to be gay to wear one of these?

I m gonna wear it to a festival so it's allll good!!!

Why does Edward Woodward have so many 'D's in his name?

'Cos otherwise he'd be called Eewar Woowar !!!

BTW Oli is sold out of tequaliser!

Not sure if this is something I'd want to buy considering the style-unconscious You-tubers wearing them!!

But good find - heat & rep!
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