T in the park 2007 and WWE raw Survivors Tour Wembley arena

T in the park 2007 and WWE raw Survivors Tour Wembley arena

Found 23rd Feb 2007
Guys just to let you know I received an email from ticketmaster to notify me that on Saturday 24/02/2007 tickets for the above will be available at their website. The ticket price you see is the face value price.

I checked on ebay and they're robbing people of their money for what they're charging for these tickets.

Weekend camping is £115 - £140 for T in the park and there will also be day tickets available.

Tickets for wrestling are £25 - £40.

No doubt some people will use this listing for their own personal gain but this has been put on for people who genuinley want to buy tickets for themselves and not be ripped off.

Get logging on tomorrow!


I already posted the info about t in the park yesterday!

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Sorry didn't realise.:oops: There's the wrestling tickets for wembley too.

Thats ok - ill forgive you...........i seen that the wrestling is on the post aswell. I have my ticket for T, so was just passing the info on to others that would want to go, last year i knew when they were going on sale and loads of folk said to me after that i should have let them know, so this year im letting loads know!
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