t-mobile 100 mins, 100 texts + booster £5pm (1 month contract)

t-mobile 100 mins, 100 texts + booster £5pm (1 month contract)

Found 14th Oct 2010
not sure if this has been posted.

was in westfield shopping centre and the t-mobile store was selling this sim only contract for £5 per month. the booster was unltd landline, unltd t-mobile or internet.

thought it was a decent deal considering the 30 day rolling contract.


thanks for that.

should say 'Westfield in Derby'
yes i saw this too but i thought there must be a catch so did not think about it any further...
if the deal is as it looks then it is a good deal....

T-Mobile SIM card

Your price plan
SIM Only 10 (30 day)
100 minutes
Any network, any time

100 texts
Any network, any time

£5 off for the first 30 days

this is from T-mobile website .. which mentions that 5£ off for the 1st 30 days so the discount is for one month only and in the second month have to pay 10£ .. not such a good deal then

crash and burn...ouch...LOL

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oops lol. it was on a board outside the shop. didnt see the 1st 30 days bit but it makes sense.

westfield london btw


the boards outside the shop are usually completely different to internet and phone delas, so what the op said could possibly be correct

Outside Chesterfield store, it says £5 for the first month.

what a whole load of ****

So cold there's sodding icicles hanging from it.....
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