T MOBILE HTC DESIRE 18 Month (£100 Handset) £20 300min Unlim Text & Internet
T MOBILE HTC DESIRE 18 Month (£100 Handset) £20 300min Unlim Text & Internet

T MOBILE HTC DESIRE 18 Month (£100 Handset) £20 300min Unlim Text & Internet

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T mobile are selling the HTC desire for £100 if you call them on their Sales number.

This is on a £20 18 month contract.

For that you get 300 minutes 300 texts unlimited internet plus your choice of a flexible booster.

Total cost £460 - 18 x £20 + £100 (handset)

Chap on the phone said the delivery will be in today and I will have the handset tomorrow! Yipee!

Please can some kind person add an image as it's first post and I'm at work and don't have time to sign up to photbucket site! ta.


What basis for giving it cheaper than the £129 on the website?

rang this morning and was told it was OOS due in end of week if not next week they just don't know.


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I just asked for a discount on the handset and the chap said he could do it for £100. That's it!

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Ok T-Mobile chap just phoned me back told me phone was now in stock. Paid the £100 and the phone will be delivered tomorrow. Cant wait to check it out all the reports say its an awsome bit of kit!

is this 300 texts or unlimited texts, the title and description seem to differ unless i'm misreading?:oops:

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It's 300 min's 300 text's unlimited Internet + booster which I used for Unlimited Text's

ahh ok thanks for clearing that up!

I had signed up for this phone on mobiles.co.uk to Orange, £35 p/m 900 mins, unlimited texts and 500 mb of data usage, free phone and £100 cashback - unfortunately they didn't have the stock and the offer ended so I canned it. Might take a look at this offer now though


I'd rather pay £129 upfront and go for the £15 month contract (for 24 months) on theT-mobile website with the same mins, texts and internet bundle. It's £29 more expensive for the whole phone + contract (£489) for 6 months of extra contract which seems better to me, plus has the possibility of cashback from Quidco/Topcashback which you can't get on this phone deal.

i thought a previous post had mobilephonesdirect doing free phone, 18 month contract @ £25. (same 300 min, 300 texts, unlimited internet). Works out to be £450....
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