T Mobile-Motorola Defy

T Mobile-Motorola Defy

Found 15th Nov 2010
Just talked to retentions. They offered me a free Motorola Defy with100mins,100txts,unlimited landline and unlimited internet for £7/month on 24 months. I know it's limited chat/text but the phone is going for over £260 on ebay.


seems a very good deal to me i would snap it up




Yes, read the post: First 4 words: "Just talked to retentions. "

Or if you meant what are retentions, they are deals you get when your contract ends, to keep you with the network.

How are you finding the phone?

I just ordered via Tmobile as a new customer. Matching the cashback deal via Quidco so £35 for Handset, and 100 minutes, Unlimited texts and 3GB internet for £10 a month. Hope it helps someone.

Just called T mobile and got through to the most pleasant customer service lady ever. Gave me the motorola defy On £ 10 a month with 100 mins, 100 texts, unlimited internet and a free booster(I chose call Europe) and £ 35 for the phone. Also got the Nokia C6 for the missus on £ 15 a month with 300 mins, 300 texts, unlimited internet and a free bosster thrown in as well, phone for free. great deal and very helpful sales team!
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