T Mobile Pulse Mini £49 & £3.99 Postage @ Next Online

T Mobile Pulse Mini £49 & £3.99 Postage @ Next Online

Found 31st Dec 2010
T Mobile Pulse Mini PAYG. Cheap and cheerful android phone.

• 3G
• Bluetooth™
• 3.2MP camera
• 6 months free internet
• Free 2GB memory card
• Free one months sat nav trial
• Download thousands of free apps from Android™ market
• FM radio and MP3 Player

It has GPS so Google maps certainly works.
The CPU is the newer MSM7227.
- LadyEleanor


Free one month sat nav?

Does this not give you Google maps?

does this phone have wifi and and is it easy to unlock?

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It does have wifi not sure about unlocking

my nephew had one. what a rubbish phone. he hated it & then it somehow dropped in the loo. now my sisters getting him a HTC

My wife has one. It's OK except for poor battery life and a really rubbish unresponsive resistive screen.

This sort of tat damages Android's reputation IMO.


This sort of tat damages Android's reputation IMO.

very much.
but is not this the best phone out there on android in this price bracket.

Cheapest Android but don't expect the same responsiveness as a 500 quid phone. Source code is available for the phone which means that if you want to play with the internals, you can: support.t-mobile.co.uk/lib…rar

Just remember this comes with 6 months free internet. This would normally cost you £20. Even if the phone is rubbish, you can use it as tethered modem for you laptop.

Strange it is not hotter.
The CPU is faster than the older Wildfire which has the capacitive screen.
So the Wildfire is better looking with a better interface and more responsive screen

This is a little cheaper and potentially faster and capable of running the same software.
Pretty incredible if you also get that free internet.
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Same deal for 59.99 from T Mob if this runs out.
T Mob link

And free postage too!
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