T-Mobile Pulse Mini £59.99 + £10
T-Mobile Pulse Mini £59.99 + £10

T-Mobile Pulse Mini £59.99 + £10

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now Pulse Mini even cheaper, now £59.99 plus top up £10, but remember we get quidco too of £10, probably the best budget Android around, and with 6 month free internet even better, after those 6 months, I have been offered another 6 months for free, I can also use this mobile to have broadband in my computer (only PC windows)


Couple of points. It is most likely the cheapest Android phone you can get and if it's at the limit of your budget then probably worth getting as long as you bear in mind that the resistive screen is rubbish. Secondly, using this as a modem (tethering) is not allowed by T-Mobile and most other networks.

Problem with the DEAL link. Can't find this on the T-Mobile Shop website.

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I don't know what is allowed by T-mobile, but I have been using it for the last 6 months, when you connect the mobile to your windows PC it launches the modem exe to be intalled, so you can actually use as broadband modem, the limit at the moment it is about 2 GB before it gives your a warning
the resistive screen is exactly that, but for this money can't really complain, it has a camera 3 .2 mpx with led flash other more expensive mobiles don't even have it,

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why cold? please, find a similar Android phone for this money and report it

a lot of people would say that it is a lot better value for money to buy the orange san francisco and unlock it. tbh i think it may even be worth it...

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SF is better phone but is also £30 more expensive, also Orange don't have 6 months free internet offer, in my case it has almost expired and i have been offered another 6 month free again, i should point out that I didn't top up it since i bought it 6 months ago, if Orange offers SF with the same conditions then SF wins, in the meantime Pulse Mini has more appeal, remember that these mobiles without internet a pretty useless

But 99% of people will go on a sim only contract with internet allowance added anyway so internet is not the issue. yes, the SF is £30 more but the experience would most likely be a lot more pleasurable so that's why a lot of people would say its worth spending extra
I don't get the pulse mini though. Specs are very good for price (excluding resistive touch screen) but android just lags on it like hell...

This is a good deal. I have got the san francisco though and it is a really good phone. It isn't very expensive to unlock and its easy to debrand and after you have done that it is brilliant. But for people who don't want that kind of carry on I guess I would recommend this instead. Good find with your deal.

It's cheap as chips, so if it's lost or stolen it will be easy enough to replace.

From what I understand there are a few custom ROMs available for this handset, which will improve the overall performance - if you pop over to the Modaco Forum you'll see them there; the link is listed below along with one to a post regarding a forum-generated user guide for this handset model (links to hardware, custom ROMs, software, etc).

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