T-Mobile Pulse Mini £86.85 @ Play.com (w/ Quidco)

T-Mobile Pulse Mini £86.85 @ Play.com (w/ Quidco)

Found 4th Aug 2010
Pulse Mini T-Mobile Pre Pay / Pay As You Go / Touch Screen / Android / Mobile Phone / Black

# Key Features:
# 3.15 Megapixel camera
# 2.8" resistive touchscreen
# microSD card slot
# Androd OS v2.1
# Wi Fi / 3G / GPS / Bluetooth enabled
# Social networking integration with live updates
# Google Search, Maps, Gmail
# YouTube, Google Talk integration

# What's in the box:
# Battery
# Charger
# 2GB Memory Card
# Stylus


Original Poster

Oh, Quidco takes it to £86.85

This is tempting at this price but I think the similar ZTE Racer seems to be getting a much better press (some reviews of the Pulse Mini are very damning!),

Brilliant little phone the mini,Wee,s from a great hight on any other phone at this price level.

I've got the T-Mobile Pulse, this phone's big brother. A tip: If you're disappointed with the battery life, try installing WiSyncPlus app - it turns off data connections when the phone's on standby and automatically resyncs email etc when you wake the phone up. My battery now lasts three days with light usage.

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