T-Mobile Pulse Mini PAYG £79.99 + £10 Quidco - Bargain Android Phone! £79.99 at T mobile
T-Mobile Pulse Mini PAYG £79.99 + £10 Quidco - Bargain Android Phone! £79.99 at T mobile

T-Mobile Pulse Mini PAYG £79.99 + £10 Quidco - Bargain Android Phone! £79.99 at T mobile

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This is quite a bargain IMO for a decent Android 2.1 phone.


Android, not Andriod

£10 top up is mandatory.

But you will get 6 months internet free


Android, not Andriod

"Android, not Andriod.", not "Android, not Andriod".



"Android, not Andriod.", not "Android, not Andriod".


Is it unlocked ?
Can I use this mobile with other network like O2, orange ?

Original Poster


Android, not Andriod

Fixed, I think there's somtehing wrong wtih my keybaord ....


This phone had so, so much potential when we saw the spec list in … This phone had so, so much potential when we saw the spec list in Barcelona - it was going to be a triumph for the budget world.But the best way we can describe it is like going out to buy a Ferrari and seeing one on sale for £200.On the outside, it looks like a brilliant supercar, until you realise it's made out of plastic and has a lawnmower engine instead. Yes, it's cheap, but you'd rather have a lesser car that worked as you'd want it to.Read more: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/phones/mobile-phones/t-mobile-pulse-mini-690036/review?artc_pg=8#ixzz0uVvFfqTR

ordered, remember £10 quidco!!!



That said...£20 off rrp is a decent saving...warm deal :up:


Is it unlocked ?Can I use this mobile with other network like O2, orange ?

Nope. The phone is locked to T-mobile. You have to get it unlocked if you want to use it with other networks....

for £79 after quidco i couldn't complain


Recently got myself an Android phone, the X10 Mini, and I must say, I … Recently got myself an Android phone, the X10 Mini, and I must say, I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.This is a kick ass price, but reading reviews just now, turns out this comes with a stylus, and can't be operated with your fingers.Russell

Hi i have this phone and you can use the touch screen with your fingers i do all the time (always cleaning it) but i would say it a nice phone i use it more than i use my 3GS.

I think the most disappointing thing with this phone is the screen at only 2.8", 320x240 resolution and being resistive not capacitive. Would prefer the full sized pulse, even though it's got less RAM.

Hi all

I have been looking around for a good cheap phone and was wondering if any of you experts could tell me if I will be better of getting this one or the samsung tocco lite?

Please help im so out of date with this kind of thing!

Many thanks

Michelle :-)

Also the Samsung S5560 Marvel seems to be good for about the same cost. What should I choose??? Please help!!!

i have this phone - as already mentioned, if you set the virtual keyboard up correctly it is perfectly usable not not quite as easy as more expensive phones. the resolution is low but it is perfectly adequate and the phone gains by being ridiculously compact and light, and of course, you dont get to paranoid about dropiing it etc as it so cheap. it was my first drod phone and i have to say i am over the moon with moving over.

Added heat and ordered then had read of this and wondering have I made A mistake

These are not the droids you are looking for


if only this was unlocked........... then I would have brought it


what android version is it?

The post states 2.1


if only this was unlocked........... then I would have brought it

Bring it were out of interest?


Bring it were out of interest?

How ironic!


Bring it were out of interest?

were? You mean where, lol. Correcting someone and making a mistake in doing so. Oh the irony....

very low review scores everywhere i look

I've never used one so I'm hesitant on whether to vote Hot or Cold.

Anyone who's interested should probably check out the Forum at Modaco
Ask any questions, sure the friendly bunch there will help you out.

Ok, I picked this up last time it was on for £80 + £10 topup.

I've had it 7 weeks now.

Firstly, as a person that doesnt do a whole lot of calling from his mobile, I use Skype or Sipgate if I need to call somebody usually, it works out VERY cheap. I top up £10 a month, it gives me unlimited text messages and unlimited internet. I anticipate after 6 months I will have £20 credit left to pay for another 6 months internet. Well, 1Gb per month anyway.

I use my phone every day, email, facebook and RSS are on push 24/7. I don't browse videos on it, but I do use it a lot. I get through about 50Mb per week.

Also, I've tethered this to my laptop and used it on trains for about a total of 30 hours so far, and they've not said anything.

So from a cost aspect, its great.

Now the phone, well, its not as good as the payg plan that is for sure.

It's all about the resitivie touch screen, thats why they give you a stylus, because its fiddly to type. Installing ThickButtons makes things A LOT better. This keyboard layout predicts the next letters to be used and makes them bigger etc. However coming from an iPhone 2g (broke it snowboarding) the texting etc is terrible. I quite often make mistakes, and it takes me probably twice as long to text, in fact I dislike texting. Where as on the iPhone I could just about put up with it.

Another downer is the speed of the thing, its sluggish, no matter how well you configure Advanced Task Killer (ATK - free app from market), this thing just hasn't got the power to multiask. In fact, I've been doing something pretty basic maybe 4-5x and recieved an incoming call, only for the phone to crash.

I've wiped the phone and started again, it doesn't help.

However, if you are patient you can run spotify, have push email/facebook/twitter/rss all working for less than 90 quid - to some, thats appealing.

I also run Sipdroid on it, when I get Wifi, I can use my sipgate account to make dirt cheap calls - winner. You do have to play with the mic gain to stop the peron on the other end hearing their own voice though.

Other plus points, well its much more open that the iphone, easier to customize, more freedom with file formats.

Would I reccomend it, tricky one. After 6 weeks I'm checking classified forums to try and pickup a cheap iPhone 3g to replace it and keep my awesome calling plan.

For your average non-techy Joe its an absolute no no and would drive them mad, you need patience and most people would throw it in the bin after a week.

I guess thats me note reccomending it, unless you want LOTS of features REALLY cheap, delivered realy quite badly.

Shame as the specs seem excellent for the price. I wonder if some of the problems could be solved with a future software update?

Great post, ShutUpAndSquat

I got the ful size pulse for £100 posted here a month ago much better deal.This phone is so small waste of time unless really good eyesight! You can unlock it but you will need to get a code to do so about £12. It will come with 6 months free internet, but be careful set thois up before you use the phone. T mobile calls are very expensive so stick to your own phone (giff gaff is best) and use this to surf and keep your diary via google. If you buy it dowmload my player brill app for ipalyer .


Sod the phone, get a the speaker!

Trusted Reviews seemed to like it a lot.


Trusted Reviews seemed to like it a lot.

That review is for the T-Mobile Pulse. This offer if for the Pulse Mini.

I bought this last time around and its truly an excellent phone IF its right for you, firstly you've got to be looking for something more compact than a desire (clue is in the name)

-the resistive touch isn't a big deal, if you use the right keyboard options i can use it in qwerty with my fingers and i have big hands (not a freak tho like;)) And if you're obsessed with using pinching to zoom then you're a bit of an idiot, its a small phone so not really going to usable on this scale anyway
-battery life, its not bad if you've not got everything switched on (bluetooth, wifi etc), use the widgets its what they're there for
-speed, the processor in this is the same as the sony x10 i believe, speed is only an issue when you have loads of apps running at the same time, use an app killer - which anyone should do anyway esp if they have lots installed, android doesn't always kill an app off in the way you would expect
-this is android 2.1, sooo many others are still on 1.5 - 1.6 ie sony and samsung, and these take ages to roll out their updated versions
-one disappointment was the sound quality through the headphones which is sub standard, but weirdly playing music with just the phones speaker is pretty decent

There you have it, as good a review as you're going to get - personally i love the phone and until a sexier model comes out on the same scale i'm very happy to be using it

Yes, I have to say this is quite a polarising phone, if the characteristics are acceptable / on your shopping list (e.g. very small, android 2.1, not high-res, v. cheap, slightly compromised keyboard), then (IMO) it blows anything in its price bracket out of the water, but for many so of its flaws will be too much to stomach.

for me, the modaco forum (custom roms are now appearing), and being able to develop my own apps on to it for such a paltry sum has made me rather content woth my purchase....

Can you use the 6months internet for tethering to your laptop or does that incur additional cost?

go for android

Thanks for the deal, voted hot by me, I popped down to the store and picked up one of these, as I have a contract with T-mobile I got them to knock off the £10 top up, Android 2.1 for £80 seems good to me. Now time to while away endless hours finding the Apps I actually want, looking at custom roms etc.


That's my boys birthday present sorted !!
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