T-Mobile Pulse PAYG £101.34 (including mandatory £10 topup) (£15 Quidco)

T-Mobile Pulse PAYG £101.34 (including mandatory £10 topup) (£15 Quidco)

Found 3rd Dec 2009Made hot 3rd Dec 2009
If Quidco pays out, this would work out to be £86.34!


Explore more than just the internet with the T-Mobile Pulse the first Android phone available on pay as you go as well as monthly price plans. With a free one-month sat nav trial from TeleNav you can go exploring and make sure you find your way. You can download applications from Android Market and be sure they'll look great on the auto-rotating 3.5" screen. As will the photos you take with the 3.2 megapixel camera. We'll even throw in 2GB of extra SD memory to store even more pictures. And push email with Microsoft Exchange means you'll get your messages as soon as they arrive.

= 3.5" touch screen
= Android Market app downloads
= 3.2 megapixel camera
= Bluetooth
= Wifi
= 3G

*** Credit to bazza49 for finding the 33% of all T-Mobile PAYG handsets deal ***


Android phone for under £100! Yowza....

If I knew a way to get this working on Orange then I'd be sending my Nokia 5800 off to Mazuma! Tempting to say the least.

Apparently, the i-SmartSim or whatever it's called works with an o2 sim card, so in theory it should work with an Orange one... At least, I'm hoping so! Just ordered one!

Thanks for the great deal

These can be unlocked for around £15 I've read and a couple places should also have unlock options available soon.

Or just ring T-Mob and keep trying untill you get someone who will unlock there and then, some say 3-Month wait, some dont ...

Then flash with another ROM to rid it of the Pink!

Needs more heat. This is a stunning deal.


do these have wifi?


do these have wifi?


See spec and review ]here.

Another good review ]here.

Amazing deal... I love my Hero but for less than £100 I would of snapped this up instead.... Hero is better but more expensive, this is a steal!!!


ordered this and tocco lite, will they turn up though?

OOS today - more due early next week

I ordered 1 at the higher price a couple of days ago but because they're out of stock until Friday (probably) then I could cancel my first order and place another for 2 more. Bargain at this price! Remember quidco.

FLAMING HOT!!! Yikes, I burnt myself just posting this reply :thumbsup:

Please use the other thread - thnx

Ordered - sincere thanks to the poster - was going to order yesterday at the higher price - this looks as though it's a one day only price reduction too. Appreciate you flagging it up.

OMG! this is a STEAL, smoking hot

OMG just seen this on T Mobiles site.

AMAZING voted white hot.


Already posted. … Already posted. http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/545660/33-off-all-t-mobile-payg-phones-tod

yep, but this was one of the better deals IMO. Deserves its own thread. Credit was given in the OP.

I think both deal posts can co exist without harm.

Will this work with an O2 sim????? Or will I have to pay to have it unlocked?!



Will this work with an O2 sim????? Or will I have to pay to have it … Will this work with an O2 sim????? Or will I have to pay to have it unlocked?! Cheers!

wont work out the box, might need unlocked or you might be able to use one of those sim attachment things.Ive heard that it works fine with virgin sims (T-mobile network anyway)

was gonna buy one of these last night for a gift but decided there would prob be a code or something before christmas, glad I did!

quidco link to tmobile wont work for me so i ordered straight from t mobile and sent complaint email to quidco, dont know why some say out of stock because i got confirmation 10 mins ago saying delivery within 2 days, no mention of being out of stock

Note : This is only for 1 day at this bargain price. Ends 6pm!

quidco link worked fine for me

nice one.. ordered one.. thanks. if any body how to unlock it, please post it.

Regarding the ulimited internet when you top-up £10 deal:

How unlimited is unlimited with T-Mobile?


Regarding the ulimited internet when you top-up £10 deal:How unlimited is … Regarding the ulimited internet when you top-up £10 deal:How unlimited is unlimited with T-Mobile?

apparently when I asked in shop its 40mb a day, or 3GB a month. Tho its fair usage (i.e. they wont make you pay if you go over, just restrict you)

Quite tempted to keep my current phone until the contract runs out in 2 months and just use this as a mobile internet browser/music player/video player. Just need to keep bunging £10 a month into it!

got one and ordered the yellow i-SmartSim from dealxtreme that allows other sims to be used in this, worth a punt @ 4$ rather than a more expensive unlock.

I got this phone about 3 weeks ago on contract. If you overlook the fact that T-Mobile are a shower of sh*te, its not a bad phone. Trackball's a bit plasticky and the buttons are a bit wobbly but the OS is very nice. Unfortunately, despite it being a new phone, it doesnt support Windows 7 which makes things a bit tricky trying to sync a smartphone. Reluctantly sent it back to T-Mobile.

if you dont need to sync it with outlook, there isn't much need. all your contacts and numbers are held in the cloud by google and you dont need to sync to drag and drop files to the SD card.


Note : This is only for 1 day at this bargain price. Ends 6pm!

Yes - only lasts till [SIZE="5"][SIZE="4"][SIZE="2"]6pm today[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]!!!

I'm so tempted by this deal, I own a Nokia N82 that on its last legs, and I need a new phone, this meets all my requirements (cheap and has good functions)

umming and ahhing on this one ...

anyone's quidco tracking? mine hasn't

Not another thread on this! Its hard to keep up having 3 theads


anyone's quidco tracking? mine hasn't

well when did you order?


well when did you order?

about 2 hours ago


http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.25335looking on another forum … http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.25335looking on another forum these have worked to unlock

hope you arent expecting it this year >dealextreme are cheap but take forever to deliver

also got a hero here, but if i didnt have one id go for this in a heart beat

great price.
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