T mobile sim only 600 minutes, 500 texts free booster £10 a month for 12 months, free delivery
T mobile sim only 600 minutes, 500 texts free booster £10 a month for 12 months, free delivery

T mobile sim only 600 minutes, 500 texts free booster £10 a month for 12 months, free delivery

Buy forBuy forBuy for£10
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
just called t mobile on
0800 956 2208 (this number isnt listed on the website got it from 0870no)

She offered me the above deal and it was no effort at all, I just said I got a PAC code from VIrgin mobile that I want to transfer but I was wondering if you have a deal like Vodafone @ £10 a month, 300 minutes for 12 month contract, she said yes and offered me the above, I would of been happy for a match let alone to double the minutes + a booster.

Note a PAC code is not required at the moment but telling them might help get this deal

Free booster can be either free t mobile to t mobile calls, or landline calls or texts.


Im after something like this. The only this keeping me with orange is the free broadband, but im going to transfer that to my other halfs account. Have some heat.

just called the above number and been told cant get it for 10pound its 15pound, shame cant get it

Same here, Called tmobile and they said its for £15 not 10. If thats the case then O2 is better with 600 mins, unlimited text and unlimited o2-02 or 02-landline, or even unlimited data on Iphone sim only.

sorry but its cold from me,......

garbage 456 know this has nothing to do with your offer but did you have to pay virgin to get your pac code?

this deal is garbage haha get it

the deal posted is £15 a month not £10

i want this

Didn't work for me. Wanted £15 :cry:

I have 11 months remaining on my Tmobile contract and I cant wait to get shut of them!

I was with o2 for 6 years before changing to Tmobile 7 months ago on an 18 month contract. The reception is really bad and even when I have a full strength signal to phone loses connection and says no service for about 30 seconds before getting a signal again. This happens daily. I live in an area which is stated as being an excellent 3G coverage area and 50% of the time I cant get a 3G connection!

I not voting hot or cold as its deal based but I wouldnt recommend Tmobile to anybody. I am seriously considering getting an 02 simplicity deal, even thought I still have a Tmobile contract for the next 11 months! I would never go with Tmobile again!

Rant over

just called them and they said no way for a tenner ? ?

managed to get 8 months for £10 then back to £15 so total of £140 which aint so bad 600 mins 500 txts unlimted net and free booster

bit of advice DONT GIVE UP keep trying 0800 956 2208


I stopped having an Orange contract in April 08 anf still get free broadband, I still pay the £5 a month for free broadband calls.

I got this from Tmobile Contract at £15pm 12 month a couple of months ago (600 mins 500 texts unlimited internet) and TopCashback has confirmed cashback of £41.20 which is 15 x 12 - 41.20 = £11.57 - not far off £10 pm...

I was on Virgin before for years, I have no problem with Tmobile network around here (West Mids)


thanks garbage456 for that information good to know good deal
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