T-Mobile Simo/Full Monty £15 per month for life

T-Mobile Simo/Full Monty £15 per month for life

Found 28th Feb 2014
My contract was up with t-mobile so rang them to get pac code to switch to three. The CS Rep offered me the full monty £15 simo plan with 12 month contract and the £15 price being permanent so no more calling up every 12 months to renew the offer.
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Or £5 extra with 3 for 4g (assuming its in / due to be rolled out in your area)
that depends on individual needs im perfectly happy with my galaxy s3 with 3g net and three's reception in most of luton is pants anyway
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We've found "Three" coverage is very poor in the west of Scotland. No problem with T-Mobile though. Seems like a good price. Heat added.
I dont rate 3 network.. its nothing special at all, expect to start making calls in regards to having issues with your reception and data
15 for life until they decide each 6 months to keep putting the price up!
3 network is by far the best for data and I have been every in the uk, always get good reception. went all the way to london yesterday only to find they automatically upgraded my £10 a month contract to 4g. happy days....
someone got the full Monty for £11 a month by threatening to leave yesterday. Think it was posted on here somewhere.

someone got the full Monty for £11 a month by threatening to leave … someone got the full Monty for £11 a month by threatening to leave yesterday. Think it was posted on here somewhere.

That was 2000 mins and not the full monty.
They offered me something similar when I used to be with them saying it would be permanent. 12months later they upped the price. I called up and was told 'it was only for 12months'. So I see this is likely the usual tmob trick of lying.
I got the real full monty (unlimited calls, text and data) about a year ago, was paying about 16 pounds. This jumped up to 30 odd quid this month. Called T mobile and the guy offered me the same discount again but was adamant it was not for a lifetime but for the length of the contract (12 months). So now im paying 17 a month including tax for the real full monty for 12 months. Wish it was for life!

How did you get it for 15? Was that the 2000 min full monty?
Some of u guys probably know this already. I have been on the same contract for about 5years and with T-mobile for over 10yrs. No contract should double in space of 1-2yrs; it can be increased however only in line with the inflation rate.

Only time a contract doubles is if they stipulate that it was only for a limited time..things like sky 1/2 deals etc..

Hope this helps someone fight their own corner next time their are being ripped off
The issue with so many network providers these days is that their tariffs are higher than the advertised price but are discounted. This does two things. It allows them to revert it at the end of the minimum contract period and even if they dont the RPI increase is on the Non discounted std tariff price which can see your monthly cost go up by double figures Percentage wise when compared to what you were paying previously. Its sneaky but well within the terms specified

Three have decided to not increase prices whereas O2 have written it into the contract that an increase will occur every march. Two entirely different approaches to covering the new rules on price increases. Not sure what T-Mobile or vodaphone have decided.
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