T Mobile Upgrade Offer 300 minutes, unlimited texts, blackberry 8520 for £5/Month
T Mobile Upgrade Offer 300 minutes, unlimited texts, blackberry 8520 for £5/Month

T Mobile Upgrade Offer 300 minutes, unlimited texts, blackberry 8520 for £5/Month

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this is an upgrade offer over the phone. T mobile are offering £10/month loyalty discount if you upgrade your contract. I have upgraded my contract and got offered Combi 15 (300 minutes, unlimited texts) and Blackberry 8520 on 24month contract for £5 a month. (was also offered Nokia 6600i and T mobile pulse)
Total cost of the contract 24 months x £5= £120
Blackberry 8520 is worth around =£180+
this offer is not available online.
hope this helps somebody


thanks for the info im due an upgrade soon.. hopefully i can get something good :thumbsup:

no good for me but great deal for them that can get it. heat added

cant use it myself but looks a good deal:)

seems a good deal
does it have blackberry services / email and internet included?

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Blackberry services/ unlimited internet will be £5 extra. I am selling the phone to keep the cost down so did not push too much for blackberry service

Is this only available for contracts that are about to end? Or can you still get it, if you upgrade your existing contract?

I've been on T-Mobile for a few years now.Best coverage,help and service of the lot.....................although I've never used vodagroan.
Top deal this.

Looks like a good deal, able to upgrade in a couple of weeks so hopefully the deal will still be on then.

Assume they wouldn't let me upgrade 6 weeks before the end of my contract would they?

which number did u call up for upgrade ?
I called up 150 and upgraded last week and they offered me BB 8900 for 15 GBP with the same price plan.
No discounts at all ...

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called 150 from my contract mobile. As I said in the first post they will only offer £10 loyalty discount/month. BB 8900 is only available free from combi 25 package (hence offer would be £15 with discount).
here is the full list of all the T mobile monthly phone where you can see if they are available on combi15 or not
hope this helps

I am due for an upgrade in a month hope this lasts till then! yay! blackberry phone im drooling!
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