T-MOBILE VAIRY TOUCH Pay as You Go Mobile Phone £29.99 dellivered @ currys

T-MOBILE VAIRY TOUCH Pay as You Go Mobile Phone £29.99 dellivered @ currys

SuperEd 31
Found 24th Nov 2009Made hot 24th Nov 2009
* 180 minutes Talktime - Up To
* 180 hours Standby Time - Up To
* Touchscreen
* 1.3 Megapixel camera
* MP3 Player

* Bluetooth
* 93 x 52 x 16 Dimensions
* 84 g Handset Weight
* Camera Fitted
* 1.3 Megapixels Camera

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Technical specification
Attribute Value Benefit
Model Vairy Touch
Network T-MOBILE
Talktime - Up To 180 minutes
Standby Time - Up To 180 hours
Dimensions 93 x 52 x 16
Phone Type Candybar
Handset Weight 84 g
Number of Bands Single
Type of Screen Touch Screen
Colour Screen YES
MP3 Ringtones YES
Removeable memory YES
Memory Type 1GB memory card included
Camera Fitted YES
Camera Resolution 1.3 Megapixels
Video Recording YES
Video Playback YES
MP3 Player YES
Built-in radio YES
Picture Messaging YES
Blue Tooth Compatible YES
GPRS Compatible YES


Here's a video review for those interested. :-)


Tried to arrange collect at store at all Blackpool and all Bolton stores... no stock... looks like home delivery only as it happens :-(

Shame, good deal this (watched 3 videos of it already)

Can you surf the net on this phone?

cheapest price ive seen and a decent budget phone so hot from me.

Hot. But i cant find any in stock.


Can you surf the net on this phone?

I'm not entirely sure but if you check here, it may help your cause. :thumbsup:

none in se14 , wc1r , tr27 and me5

No 3G, so not idea for surfing the web

Tried seeing on google if this phone can be unlocked, cant see a sure answer but looks like no.

My e71 keypad has been playing up a bit recently, so reserved one of these as a cheap stop-gap til my next upgrade...Cheers!

whats the bet it use only on that network .. ?

just reserved one, will do mother in laws chrimbo


Tried seeing on google if this phone can be unlocked, cant see a sure … Tried seeing on google if this phone can be unlocked, cant see a sure answer but looks like no.

Can be unlocked but no freebie



Can you surf the net on this phone?


I think they have them in stock at High Wycome, dunno how many tho?

Coming up as available at Fulham branch. (Hurlingham Retail Park)

No edge just gprs so you are stuck at dial up speeds. No java so no adding different browsers or anything. So internet will be just wap and slowly at that.

If you want a basic mp3 player with a built in phone this might be ok but otherwise it seems a bit pointless.


anyone know if u can unlock this to 3 cheap?

bah, thought this was running windows mobile

looks like some custom o/s?

none in stock any where near me over 12 stores!


bah, thought this was running windows mobilelooks like some custom o/s?

Yep, it's just a kiddies toy knock-off of the HTC/MDA Touch, without any PDA or smartphone functionality (no Java or installable apps, WAP only browser, no WiFI, no Notes or Tasks or Email, no PC Sync etc.)

Even the name, referring to the T-Mobile and HTC Windows Mobile products Vario and Touch, is blatantly chosen to mislead.

Voted cold because
a) it's crap and
b) I hate marketing execs dressing things up for something they ain't.

looks like a toy

nice present! Thanks!

No stock in Scotland apparently.

no stock round brighton eastbourne

this is an awful phone not even worth £20 let alone £29.99 i have had one!


can it be unlocked for cheap?

I'd stay away from this phone guys. I used to have one. It's cheap, but once you have it in your hands you'll see why.

That said, if you like typing texts out on a tiny keyboard with a stylus, be my guest

For anyone who looked at this phone and thought something along the lines of 'It's only £30, it will be great for my 10 yr old nephew for Christmas, after all he wants a phone and an MP3 player. I'm not dim enough to imagine it's a top spec smartphone, as at £30 that would be ridiculous'. Only to be dissapointed at no stock.

Well, I looked everywhere for stock but then found it's only £39.99 in Argos (with a £10 top up mandatory on top of this), so cheap enough. Here's the good part though, it went through the till at £29.99. Not sure if it was a pricing error, an error in my store or what it was. But I know I've got one sat downstairs that cost me £29.99. Might be worth a chance, just don't buy it and expect a refund, as phones are exempt, refuse at the till if it's not.

or if you don't mind it in white (I'm guessing my 11 year old daughter will like it) it's £27 at Littlewoods and there's a £15 off first order voucher to make it £12 - cheap Xmas pressie!
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