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LocalLocalFound 13th Nov 2015Found 13th Nov 2015
FREE ANY NETWORK TEXTS (25) AND FREE ANY NETWORK MINUTES (30) Text "TXT1" to 441 If that does not work try "TXT2" im on T-mobile and it worked for me, so tell me if it works for… Read more

nice try,didn`t work for me on t mobile or EE :(


Thats a shame


I have T-Mobile phone with new EE payg SIM and it did not work for me using either suggested number :(


Try "TXT2"



free 30mins on tmobile
LocalLocalFound 15th Jul 2015Found 15th Jul 2015
Text MIN1 TO 441 for 30 free minutes Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. Also, Text MIN4 TO 441 for 30 free minutes - raj75 Also, Text MIN4 TO 441 for 60 free minutes - raj75

try MIN4 for 60mins


you can send min1 to 441 every 30 days and still keep getting 30 mins free. Been getting them every month since January this year with T-Mobile payg sim


Neither the MIN1 or MIN4 code works for my T-Mobile PAYG SIM.


Thanks got the 60 minutes. Is there a time limit on when we can use it?


I'm getting technical error resposss for both

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tmobile 250 plan for £14.99pm via phone (retention deal)
LocalLocalFound 18th Apr 2015Found 18th Apr 2015
phoned up t mobile today and enquired about there 250 plan for which they give 250 mins unlimited texts and unlimited internet for £19 a month but the sales advisor added discount… Read more
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With 3.£14.99 pm,my phone. Want better phone same monthly..... PS.14gb


I got 2000 mins, unl texts ,unl data for 13.99 with unl tethering included on T-Mobile the month after signing up to a redemption deal !


Lol you get unlimited minutes, texts and data for £15, and I've found deals that went to £12 that get unlimited everything


Depends if your priority is talk time or data. For me, it would be data and that makes this a reasonable deal in my eyes. My wife's 2 years with T-Mobile ends this month and they were rubbish when she called to re-negotiate. They would only offer the u/l:u/l:2GB @ £12.99 (but it wasn't, it was £13.19 or sumfin!) - so I signed her up for the 10gb vodafone deal on this site.


Rubbish deal plus awful customer service

EE/ TMOBILE Retention Deal
LocalLocalFound 7th Apr 2015Found 7th Apr 2015
I have been a long suffering T-mobile customer, i'd been due an upgrade for quite some time - called up, spoke to their upgrade team who offered some very poor deals (could have ea… Read more

i was happy with T-mobile,but when EE took over,EVERYthing that was good about T-Mobile went out the window.Now EE have compleated the switch,T-Mobile is gone,and so have I. The joke is,that a number of other Mobile phone companies (Virgin Media for example) run off the EE network,but do better deals than EE. Get yer PAC code,do yer homework and DUMP EE.It's about the ONLY language these Companies understand


That's right mate, the best they offered me was £9.99 for 500 mins, unl texts and 1GB data or £12.99 for Unl mins & texts with 2GB data. :(


Just got my PAC from T-Mobile. Offered me unlimited texts and mins with 5gb for £15.55 wouldn't budge on the price. Let's wait and see if they call with any offers.


Has anyone gone through retentions lately and got this deal?


I got my PAC code yesterday. As an Ex T-mobile customer,I had a CRACKER of a SIM only deal. 600 minutes 600 texts,with unlimited Data at under £7pm (included £5 Loyalty discount) but now it's fully an EE "service" for want of a better word,and the Loyalty discount has gone out the window,along with my custom. I can get a better deal from VIRGIN MOBILE.1000 minutes,unlimited text,but only 500MB of Data for £8,if a VM customer (TV/Phone/Internet etc) £13 if not,on a 30 day rolling contract,and the joke is,they (Virgin) use the EE network. That's ALMOST as funny as the time I switched banks from Lloyd's to Halifax (Opposite each other in the High street),and Halifax (part OWNED by Lloyd's) paid me £100

200 FREE mins just text code to 150 EE and t mobile
LocalLocalFound 21st Mar 2015Found 21st Mar 2015
Text CHAT1 to 150 for 200 free minutes T mobile and ee customers only Happy chatting +++++++++++++++++++++ Just done it, 200 mins expires 4 April 2015 - splender PAYG only. -… Read more
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Who do u get others deals


any more deal for EE or Tmobile?


opps , this offer is finished... i dont know why its finish before expiry date 3 April...

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Free £5 credit for T-Mobile customers (not the EE deal)
LocalLocalFound 10th Mar 2015Found 10th Mar 2015
text BRILL TO 150 for free £5 credit for 7 days Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

this was from 4 months ago... maybe why


I have tried texting brill to 150 and its sayin not recognised can use add £5




off topic slightly, but how do I activate an EE Tmobile sim? I'm an existing customer, got a replacement sim which doesnt activate when put in to a (unlocked) phone. I have called them twice, left on hold for over 5 minutes whilst they "look in to it" then the call cuts off!!! Then they dont even ring me back!


When does this offer expire ??

*PAY AS YOU GO* T-Mobile - 6 Months Internet - 1GB Per Month - £20.00 @ T-Mobile
Found 15th Jan 2015Found 15th Jan 2015
Text 6MONTHWEB to 441 for 6 months internet access This Booster comes with a fair use policy of 1GB a month.
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Use this already great deal. 30days Internet for £5 also..... Txt Monthweb to 441


Does any one no when the 1gb runs out if u can still use teamviewer or if I have sim in a 3g router with an ip camera connected would I still beable to view camera image ir would that be counted as downliading


Honestly I don't know. I only buy the 6 month internet pack. I'd be surprised it you have any issues with that though.


Sure does. Sometimes VOIP works but I don't count on it anymore.


Try again later, I have had this several times just trying to add the £10 and £15 packs, it randomly won't work at times. I think it's a bit of a scam actually, as it's easy to forget it hasn't worked, and until you do get it registered it eats into your credit!

T-Mobile retention deal 10 gig data ultd mins and texts
Found 31st Oct 2014Found 31st Oct 2014
offered today 10 gig 4g data ultd mins and texts 28 pm but 1/2 price for 6 months equals 252 or 21 per month. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Of course, you can tether on all data plans. Either directly or via a loophole :)


Can you tether?


No as it was already posted before


http://www.mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/sim-only/pay-monthly-ee £27.99 with £156 cashback


from where??

T mobile upgrade on EE £8pm via phone
Found 24th Sep 2014Found 24th Sep 2014
Hi, I want to share deal which I just got via phone. My contract will be upgrade next month and I call on 150 and ask for upgrade deal on EE 4G network and they offer me as under.… Read more

djdanj89 I upgraded with T Mobile over phone. 2000min/Unlimited Texts/Unlimited Data. £12.99 p/m for 12months. That was last month. I have a sim only contract with T mobile for £11 1gb 500 min unltd text. How would I go about getting similar contract to yours. Any advice other than calling them would be great lol


djdanj89 I upgraded with T Mobile over phone. 2000min/Unlimited Texts/Unlimited Data. £12.99 p/m for 12months. That was last month. I have a sim only contract with T mobile for £11 1gb 500 min unltd text. How would I go about getting similar contract to yours. Any advice other than calling them would be great lol


I thought this tariff is always £8?


I upgraded with T Mobile over phone. 2000min/Unlimited Texts/Unlimited Data. £12.99 p/m for 12months. That was last month.


if you are a virgin customer, you'll be better off with unlimited calls texts and 1GB of data for £8 a month. they use the same network. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/virgin-media-8-00-sim-only-12-month-contract-unlimited-calls-text-1gb-data-2007952

t mobile retention deal 1000 minutes unlimited texts unlimited internet  £11.99
LocalLocalFound 5th Aug 2014Found 5th Aug 2014
T mobile offered me a retention deal of 1000 minutes unlimited texts unlimited internet ( 3 gb fair use but is unlimited as I am on old contract and they will not charge me for ext… Read more
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Nope - the owners of t-mobile & orange created EE, a jointly owned company, to manage both Orange & T-mobile - some of their staff don't even know exactly the detail. Not of great importance.


Yeah I probably should have tried that but I got the PAC while on the phone and thought I'd flee from EE while I had my get out jail card!


these are retention deals, thus not advertised or available for new customers. you have be at the end of your contract.


I've checked virgin mobile and can't see any offersa ? It's £18 to get unlimited data package Huh? EE own orange and t mobile you mean ? In a few years there won't be the organge or t mobile brand name at all


Unlimited internet BUT with 3GB limit. Hmm your not getting unlimited internet. I've been with T-Mob for about 3 years and i've had no problems, i pay £15 a month for 300 mins either u/l landline calls and 300 texts OR u/l texts u/l internet (with no limitations at all due to having had the contract before they brought in the limits) I regularly use over 5Gb and they can't do anything about it they keep offering me better deals (for them). As for not charging you once you sign the new deal you will be on a new tarrif and the old one will not exists anymore therefore they can and will charge you for going over the 3Gb limit.

t-mobile rolling one month contract 1000mins, 3gigs data, unlimited texts for £10/month
Found 10th Jul 2014Found 10th Jul 2014
Tried to leave my abusive relationship with t-mobile today. Called up but the retention department offered me this "loyalty" deal to stay. I was on £10/month rolling for 500mbs 250… Read more

Having said that, damn! that's a good price, op!


This thread is 2 weeks old no, but for what its worth, I've been with T-Mobile 15 years, and get better service than the rest of my family, on assorted Giff-gaff, Vodafone, o2, Tesco.... I always have signal when they don't. Sitting in the waiting room at Hammersmith hospital showed me how grateful I was for their service!


Tesco Mobile signal is quite weak in between Sutton and Wimbledon, no matter what Tesco Mobile tell you.


Too true ! Although id still say t mobile was far from perfect I don't know why they didn't iron out the takeover before paying Kevin bacon millions and rebranding the name


Can't get O2 signal . Sainsburys is good deal ( Vodafone) 2gb unlimited texts and 800 mins for £15

T-mobile Sim Now £16 was £26 save £10 Offer Ends 25th March
Found 19th Mar 2014Found 19th Mar 2014
From Wednesday 19th march to 25th March 2014 I went into store and they gave me this offer today. Sim only 12 month deal with unlim mins texts and data, normally £26 but currently… Read more

£50 topcashback ? i cant see it!


And I bet 9999999 Text messages still won't be enough for some of our fellow HUKD members here :{


9999999 never count down!!!


not true, texts are capped Benefit Left until your next bill Text Allowance 9999999 Text messages


30-day contract

Found 14th Mar 2014Found 14th Mar 2014

Unlimited in capacity but not in speed. It's capped to 4.5MBit/s


£11.80/mth for unlimited data is still pretty good though


perhaps if he edits title I think it would be a good deal


I tether with t mobile on the same plan with no extra charges.


It's actually £50 plus whatever the Topcashback user bonus sits at, yours is obviously 1% hence £50.50, mine is at 5% hence £52.50 Also no tethering allowed :(

Alcatel One Touch Idol S £79.99 + £10 top up @ T-Mobile
Found 10th Mar 2014Found 10th Mar 2014
Just I saw today in local (London - Wood Green EE shop - address: 2 Cheapside High Rd London N22 6HH United Kingdom ) This price just exiting costumer plus have to do 10 pound top … Read more
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is it still active?


Thank you. Heat added. Just picked this up today as the wifey is on payg. £80 for 4g handset bargain! impressed with it so far. If anyone wants to know any thing then ask. I have also unlocked it for 99p.


This deal is still active, asked in EE store today 15/03/2014 and yes, it is available but unfortunately I didn't have a T-Mobile, Orange or EE payg SIM Card to upgrade and the price was £79.99 + £10TopUp


Really is that why that ` STUPID ZTE ` deal got +2000 heat, the only thing that I can see stupid here is `YOU` and suspension will do you good for future comments


Could even be better than the MOTO G if it is national. Anyone else got the same deal from another shop??

T-Mobile SIM Unlimited Data, Texts & 2000 Mins for £16 per month
Found 5th Mar 2014Found 5th Mar 2014
£5 off the standard price for 12 months. Great offer for unlimited data, good for my iPad..
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firstly this is not that great they offered unlimited internet/call/text for the same price £16 and if your a current customer they give you a deal for £11-£13 so sorry this isnt that great maybe for new customers but wait a month and the other deal will be live been like that 2 years in a row




i think you may find this website very interesting http://www.ceoemail.com/index3.php


Yes, she questioned how I found her email address then, in a nicer way, basically told me to go elsewhere if I wasn't happy with the service. Got my PAC straight away after that.[/quot Post her email addy here so we can all mail her


Yes, she questioned how I found her email address then, in a nicer way, basically told me to go elsewhere if I wasn't happy with the service. Got my PAC straight away after that.

T Mobile iPhone 4S 250 mins unlimited text and data - £21.99 pm (Term £527.76)
Found 2nd Mar 2014Found 2nd Mar 2014
Ok not the latest iphone, but if you're after one for a good price then this is pretty good. I know it's not a Moto G!

trampolines in their back gardens...what does that mean??


sorry but I dont see this as a good deal although it is a reasonable price for an iphone. the problem is that the 4s is out of date and not as good as a moto g which is cheaper. btw, motoG has been tested and works after 30 mins underwater ! (see youtube) it's not g'teed to but does.


This one.


my son just water damager his 4s what is the best deal with orange or t mobile with 1gb of data?


2 weeks ago I sold a water damaged iPhone 4 on £bay for £114. OVIVO is only 500mb and you have to watch an advert every 15 minutes. Your option is simply not comparable to this deal! If you can point me in the direction of a 4s for £50 that would be great.

EXISTING CUSTOMERS Additional line 500 Mins, U/L texts, 1GB Data @ T-Mobile
Found 28th Feb 2014Found 28th Feb 2014
I know this will get slated by some & wouldn't even be suitable for me, but it was perfect for my wife's needs. She's just gone out of contract with T-Mobile & wanted the … Read more
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I got 300 mins + 500 mins to tmobile + 500 mb data for £6 last year. Cancelled this year as got free one due to price glitch so didn't need anymore. This doesn't sound too bad.


I had all my cashback from them in the last 18months no problems


"Once you have your £40 cash back"! Sooner pay 21p a month more than risk that old carrot an stick.


Should of got this one http://www.mobiles.co.uk/t-mobile-t_mobile-pay-monthly-micro-sim.html?tid=F112MAPR13&affiliate=m4e&refer=awinm-27684&isaffiliate=1&affiliate=awinm-27684&utm_source=Awin&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=mobiles4everyone.com £7.67/month equivalent once you have had your £40 auto cashback


Bin with them for years and never had any issues. Just renewed two of my lines on same contract but they gave it me for £8. Best thing about the 1GB download is its on a fair use policy which means if you go over the limit it'll slow slightly but you won't get charged.

T-Mobile Simo/Full Monty £15 per month for life
Found 28th Feb 2014Found 28th Feb 2014
My contract was up with t-mobile so rang them to get pac code to switch to three. The CS Rep offered me the full monty £15 simo plan with 12 month contract and the £15 price being … Read more
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The issue with so many network providers these days is that their tariffs are higher than the advertised price but are discounted. This does two things. It allows them to revert it at the end of the minimum contract period and even if they dont the RPI increase is on the Non discounted std tariff price which can see your monthly cost go up by double figures Percentage wise when compared to what you were paying previously. Its sneaky but well within the terms specified :( Three have decided to not increase prices whereas O2 have written it into the contract that an increase will occur every march. Two entirely different approaches to covering the new rules on price increases. Not sure what T-Mobile or vodaphone have decided.


Some of u guys probably know this already. I have been on the same contract for about 5years and with T-mobile for over 10yrs. No contract should double in space of 1-2yrs; it can be increased however only in line with the inflation rate. Only time a contract doubles is if they stipulate that it was only for a limited time..things like sky 1/2 deals etc.. Hope this helps someone fight their own corner next time their are being ripped off


I got the real full monty (unlimited calls, text and data) about a year ago, was paying about 16 pounds. This jumped up to 30 odd quid this month. Called T mobile and the guy offered me the same discount again but was adamant it was not for a lifetime but for the length of the contract (12 months). So now im paying 17 a month including tax for the real full monty for 12 months. Wish it was for life! How did you get it for 15? Was that the 2000 min full monty?


They offered me something similar when I used to be with them saying it would be permanent. 12months later they upped the price. I called up and was told 'it was only for 12months'. So I see this is likely the usual tmob trick of lying.


That was 2000 mins and not the full monty.

T-mobile retentions £11/month for full monty
Found 27th Feb 2014Found 27th Feb 2014
I know everyone hates t-mobile here but for those who don't and have a contract coming to an end they just offered me the full monty sim for £11/month thats 2000mins unlimited text… Read more
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First full months bill has me at £0/month (£17.50 but £17.50 discount) looks like I have extra discounts on the computer system. V.happy


I just got 2000 mins unlimited data and texts for £15 for 12 months should have haggled for less I'm pretty Much a lite user as well do it's probably why they offer it to some customers and not others


full Monty data speed is capped at 3.8mb/s. I believe they still deny it though.


Checked my tmobile and I have a £10 12 month discount and also a £2.50 for life discount that was put on last year and they haven't removed, so my bill should come in at £8.50. Glad I said yes now.


I'm hoping someone calls me back really, been with them for 7 years and was almost expecting a shiny new phone to arrive on my doorstep lol. I'm apparently a light user ;-) even though I insist on ghaving unlimited data "just in case" it turns out I only use 1GB on average. It does make me wonder though why can't they match Three normal, official deal, I'm sure they get people asking to match someone else's retention deal etc etc. Thanks anyway :)