T3 Magazine - One Issue for Free (No Contract)
T3 Magazine - One Issue for Free (No Contract)

T3 Magazine - One Issue for Free (No Contract)

Every so often, we like to remind you lovely lot just how brilliant we think you are, and feel the need to reward your devotion to us with a nice freebie. So, for a limited time only, we've teamed up with T3 to provide each of you with a FREE copy of their fab gadget mag.

Treat yourself or someone you know to the latest issue of the number 1 gadget magazine worth £3.99.

Interested? Course you are. To take advantage of this great offer all you need to do is call the local rate number below:


0845 357 3628 (BT customers will pay no more than 5p per minute)

OR text

'MAGS' to 60300

Every issue is packed to the hilt with all the latest gear, that's been rigorously tried and tested and put through its paces to ensure that you know what's worth your hard-earned cash and what's not. Keep abreast of all the new widgetry and tech surfacing in Britain and abroad, and don't worry if you happen to miss a review, the ultimate Buyer's Guide will keep you up to date. So make sure you don't get left behind and get T3.
Terms & Conditions

Offer only available to residents of the UK.
This offer is limited to one copy per UK address.
Please allow 60 days for delivery of your free copy.
Stocks are strictly limited and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.
T3 call centre opening hours 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 pm, 7 days a week.
Order before May the 10th to get issue 152 on sale 29/05 or after May the 10th you will receive issue 153 on sale 26/06.
Calls cost up to 2p/min plus a 6p set up fee from a BT landline. Mobile and other providers' charges may vary.


Just ordered it.
Thanks - good link.


Just ordered it.Thanks - good link.

Did you have to give bank details?

Original Poster

They ask for

[*]Your Initial
[*]Your Surname
[*]Your Post Code
[*]Your House Number
[*]Your Telephone Number
[*]and email address (optional)

[*]Have you read T3 magazine before?
[*]If yes, Do you want a further 3 copies for £1?

I said I don't want to give me bank details over the telephone for security reasons.

[*]Can we send you promotions in the post?

[*]Enjoy your free copy of T3 Magazine!


How much do the texts cost?


How much do the texts cost?

I have free texts available but this text cost me 10p. Maybe its a network specific rate and maybe there will be further charges. Hard to say at this point, but at least you have an idea.

sent a text what happens next?

I have done similar offers before, they hope you will say yes to the 3 issues for £1 (which does lead to a subscription contract). You can just get the free issue alone though.

Thanks, I will give it a go...

That's exactly what I was wondering. I sent a text but haven't had anything back


That's exactly what I was wondering. I sent a text but haven't had … That's exactly what I was wondering. I sent a text but haven't had anything back

Sending 'MAGS' to 60300 activates the Spam Adverts from the magazine distribution companies !

I assume the text just contains the phone number above. (not sure if u get charged for each text but would expect you would)

If you want to stop the Spam Ads text 'STOP' to 60300.

If you want your FREE copy of T3 the only way to get it is to phone the number above ! :thumbsup:

I just signed up, tks op. I also took the 3 mags for a quid offer. You can always cancel if you dont forget!

I received a phone call from them yesterday to arrange for delivery of the free magazine.
They took all the details that were quoted above and also offered me the 3 issues for £1

Offer still on anybody needs one. 1 Issue free, no bank details needed. Then they offer you another 2 more issue for £1, needs bank details.

magic thanks, love this magazine, make you want to spend some serious cash though

text the number a couple of weeks ago, got a reply straight away saying id been signed up to summit but nothing since that regarding the free mag

this offer was on last year and i used the text number, got no response, no mag

use the phone line

thanks a lot!


thanks a lot!

Thanks for ?????

This offer is a year old and expired. Call the number and they will tell you that is so old that they no longer have it on their system.

Take a note of the number though the offers may reappear later.

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