TA : Kingdoms (Includes Iron Plague Expansion) £1.82 ($2.99) at Gog.com

TA : Kingdoms (Includes Iron Plague Expansion) £1.82 ($2.99) at Gog.com

Found 26th Jun 2014
Just looked up this on Gog to see if they had it and not only is it currently on sale but this one comes with the expansion pack - which when I was playing TA : Kingdoms many moons ago I didn't even realise existed!

Aaahh remember when extra content released after the original game was WORTH buying? Remember when it added something more to the game than a couple of extra guns and an extra car? Remember when there was no lame unit limit and you could defend your glorious structure with about 38 skeleton soldiers - nevermind all the other types of units? I do, which is why for less than 2 quid I snapped this up. Many have dismissed it compared to the original TA but the music, effects and gameplay of TA : Kingdoms are something etched in my mind to this day. Time to see if they've tweaked it nicely for Windows 7.

DRM FREE!! Oh but sorry you don't get another 4 games that you'll never play along with this so will probably get about 11 degrees for that.


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Epic battles involving sparkly things:


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Silly amounts of units - but all serving your glorious honour :


I did enjoy this back in the day. I wish they'd do a new version.

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I did enjoy this back in the day. I wish they'd do a new version.

Only if it was a sequel. Tired of the new con publishers have spotted to fleece gullible gamers "Exact Same Game HD".

weird just yesterday was debating putting the original boxed game of this on the bay
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