Tabasco - Bloody Mary Gift Set £7.49 @ Argos

Tabasco - Bloody Mary Gift Set £7.49 @ Argos

Found 12th Jan 2015
Click n collect.

Less than half price.

Increase the temperature in your kitchen with this 'Mix Your Own Bloody Mary' gift set. Along with a glass, stirrer and ice cube tray, you'll receive a bottle of Tabasco Bloody Mary mildly seasoned mix sauce - the very same sauce used in America's original Bloody Mary recipe that was created at the King Cole Bar in New York. This non-alcoholic mix can be enjoyed as a healthy morning breakfast


So this started off as £14.99 and you would still have to add your own tomato juice and vodka?! Still not worth it at this price, who doesn't already have a glass and an ice cube tray, that's a very expensive bottle of tabasco!

Hang on, just had a look at it on the link and see that it is the tomato juice plus spices mixed, but it started off at £24.99 unbelievable!

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