Table Salt 750G - £0.27 @ Tesco

Table Salt 750G - £0.27 @ Tesco

Found 5th Feb 2015
Salt scanning at 27p at Tesco Stretford Extra. Said 29p on the shelf. The woman at the till couldn't believe it either. Went back and bought another nine of them. I don't like slugs.

Might be a store specific error.
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hot for the picture!!
You went back and got 9 because you were saving 2p each . X)
My last tub lasted me nearly 10 years! 0.2p saving a year, every little helps (_;)
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Voted hot just for the DOTT avatar!
to be honest, this deal leaves a taste in my mouth....
You people. This is salt. A biological necessity of human life. The Romans used it as currency for Christs sake. This is like free money. Where do you think the word "salary" comes? It's from the Latin salarium argentum, or "salt money." Entire civilisations have risen and fallen on the back of the salt trade and you scoff at a massive 7% reduction in the trade price. I would have bought 900 if I had a HGV outside.

Go chase around your cut price failed games consoles. Im happy with my salt.

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Cold for op beeing salty.
This site is rapidly becoming a joke!
Quick. Change the desc. Op. 2p you serious.
Lol, Heat added for slug massacre
even 2p is a near 7% saving.
what is wrong with that?
it all add up.
Every little helps !
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