Table Tennis (Xbox 360) for £9.95

Table Tennis (Xbox 360) for £9.95

Found 18th Feb 2007
Game Collections deal of the day Table Tennis for xbox 360 only £9.95
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very good price, i have ot even opened mine which i have had for 3 months.
still have gears of war to play before this one gets a lookin.

best price i have seen so rep and heat given
heat and rep added.
wow!! great game for £10!
Great price. Heat and Rep added.

This game is excellent on live too :-D
Thanks for this fraser0206
I've never heard of that place before, looks pretty good though. They've also got Tony Hawk's Project 8 for only £19.95
Thanks OP, just bought a copy ;-)
I knew I should have waited it out for a couple of months...when I got this it cost me £12.99!

Great price though - heat added.
Thanks for this fraser0206

Just brought a copy with a 10% off code too.
Just a warning to people that it is possible to get unsealed games from this company like I did myself...
This site gives NUS student discount, sweet.
great price, been waiting for this to lower ofr ages
careful on this website guys. I was about to order from them but after someone mentioned about getting unsealed games from them i did a quick checkup. Seems to me that they tend to send out second hand games i.e scratched discs/unsealed quite commonly so be aware! Not to mention some ppl waiting for orders over a month etc... Personally im gonna order this game elsewhere for 3-4 quid more for piece of mind.
Good Price.

But I think this game blows.

I find it unresponsive.

Good Price.But I think this game blows.I find it unresponsive.

I get that all the time.
You just need to swing earlier to connect with more shots!

Maybe its just a coincidence, but I find it more responsive when i'm playing on a fresh battery charge.

Just a warning to people that it is possible to get unsealed games from … Just a warning to people that it is possible to get unsealed games from this company like I did myself...

were there any scratches on it?
My copy of the game I ordered did not have scratches on luckily.
Its not a very good game - graphics are nice - its too hard and boring

When i got my table tennis game off hmv it wasnt sealed -- sometimes they dont bother

My box was ripped adn the disc was scratched i complained but they didnt even reply to me
Blimey this post has reminded me that I've had this since August but not even opened it yet! :oops:
Mine arrived this morning, was shrinkwrapped and sealed. Will play it when I get home from work later.
Yup, mine was brand new and sealed also
Still in stock, Just grabbed one for my brother, brilliant price and fantastic fun on Live. :thumbsup:

Thanks to the OP, voted hot!
i ordered one this morning, and got dispatched today.

hopefully be herer tommorow.

voted! thanks alot.
[SIZE=2]got mine this morning, all sealed and super fast delivery!:-D [/SIZE]
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