Tablet Stand good reviews with code £2.28 @ Gearbest

Tablet Stand good reviews with code £2.28 @ Gearbest

Found 20th Oct 2017
Portable Adjustable Tablet Fold - up Stand Holder Bracket - WHITE
Nice design and 4.9/5 (180 reviews)
code: pstandh
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thanks summoner......
I have one of these from Amazon. If this one is built the same, then it is a really great stand. It does look like an exact copy.
I got one from Poundland
I have the Chinese one - Mi nee
You're better off buying one of those rotating folio cases. At least that way you don't have to carry this stand around with you everywhere.
These are excellent but I wouldn't buy anything off gearbest ever. Pay less on eBay ant have a bit of protection incas it doesn't turn up. Good tip is to buy 2 or 3 and leave in different rooms of your house so you don't have to keep moving it aroun
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SUMMONER17 h, 6 m ago

£1.41 delivered on FleaBay?¿

Thanks, ordered. I actually needed this for use as a book stand too, prop up my notebook so I can type them up
They are great. Have a black one at work. Recommended.
Did anyone receive this? After more than 2 months, I'm still waiting for it.
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