Taboo £4 a bottle

Taboo £4 a bottle

Found 28th Mar 2008
Bottle's of Taboo (70cl) an Taboo blue (70cl) only £4 a bottle instore and online at asda usually £6.99 a bottle.
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good price, voted hot
V hot.
good find!!
what does this stuff actually taste like?
i didn't realise they still made this stuff!

what does this stuff actually taste like?

Think Cinzano Bianco, sickly sweet - not my cup of tea at all. Yuk!
Which taboo is this - I remember one that was flavoured with lychees years ago - and another that was vodka flavoured with something like mango and passion fruit?

I have been trying to find the first, lychees one again for years - and only managed to find a ok but pleasant alternative in a (UK) Chinese supermarket.

Respect to anyone who can tell me - as I am DYING to get this again.
the other one was mirage!
a blast from the past!!!

difficult to find images!

what does this stuff actually taste like?

Well and truly, naff :oops:

voted hot for price
Does it make your vomit blue after a couple of bottles?
if you want a (un)forgettable night try the following

1 part vodka
1 part taboo
0.5 part blue curacao

top up with equal parts OJ and lemonade.

I call it Juicy Lucy. It should be a radioactive green colour, best served in pint glasses (the alcohol should make up between 1/3 to 1/2 of the glass).

best use of this stuff i've ever come across.

They go down fast, but can come up quicker! You have been warned!
i love this stuff,but only if you like sweet fruity drinks,no idea what the blue one tastes like.strong though
very fruity and refreshing try with lemonade, or white wine and lemonade if you want to blow your head off.
chav drink?
no, bird drink - always got the girls tipsey in the 80s as I recall - many thanks for that Taboo and Mirage!
The orangey one almost tastes like Lucozade if you add a bit of lemonade!
Nice find.
It's £3.99 in Tesco. ;-)
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