Tacoma (XB1) Countdown Sale

Tacoma (XB1) Countdown Sale

Found 24th Dec 2017Edited by:"Dowgle"
Great little Sci-Fi interactive story from the makers on Gone Home. First time I have seen this for less than £10 so thought it was worth it's own post.

Edit: Also worth highlighting this is available without a Gold Sub
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Any good?
Well reviewed, and this is MS Play Anywhere for PC and Xbox too!
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dan6661 h, 18 m ago

Any good?

I liked it. If you are into sci-fi and the whole so called walking sim style games (gone home, firewatch, everybody's gone to the rapture etc...) Then you should have fun
Great game. It’s effectively a ‘walking sim’ and it’s all about discovery. But the story is fantastic and the way you reveal it is very unique and will doubtless be copied in the future many times.

Would definitely recommend at this price. A steal
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