Tacx Neo Turbo Trainer £899.99 with Code at Tredz

Tacx Neo Turbo Trainer £899.99 with Code at Tredz

Found 28th Feb 2018
Use code PLMQAZ to get this price.

I think this is the best deal for this Trainer at the moment.

Yes it's a lot of money.
No the bike's not included.
Yes you could buy a 2nd hand car for this.
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Props to steven_cameron for the code he identified in this thread here for the Elite Direto:
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Genuine question, what are the plus points of using something like this with your current bike vs an exercise bike?
Google "Zwift" and "Virtugo".
Virtual cycling in a 3D world where the amount of effort you put in makes you go faster / level up quicker.
Online Racing / Fitness improvements.

This trainer gives data on power output, cadence etc and can vary the resistance to simulate going up and down hills.

You can measure and track your fitness level as it changes over time. Follow training programmes to make you stronger and fitter in a way that a "normal" exercise bike (with the exception of the Wattbike Atom) cannot.

It's really intended for cyclists who want to train indoors on their outdoor bike (because it has the same Geometry / Feel etc).

This is the current "Gold Standard" for Turbo Trainers (i.e. the most expensive and arguably gives the most lifelike ride feel).

The Tacx Flow (around £200) gives a taste of what this does if you want to dip your toe in the water to see what it's all about.
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Incredible price. Hot.

Wasted on the hukd bike hating community
Excellent price, #1 turbo trainer, just wish I had the spare cash
Awesome price!
£350 off the RRP and still cold? To all the bike haters who could buy 2 second-hand MOT failure cars for this price, this will keep the cyclist off "YOUR" roads, mainly during the winter months of course.

Thanks OP, great find.
great find OP and heat added .. will be getting this on 0% fiance with Tredz themselves .
glad i ordered yesterday as its now back to £1099 and code dont work now .
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