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Posted 25 September 2022

tado° Smart TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve Quattro Pack £199.99 (Limited Availability) @ Toolstation

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Not a bad deal on a Tado Quattro Pack from Toolstation for collection.

5% off also if you have a blue light card (using discount code).
Toolstation More details at Toolstation
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    Thanks. Used BLC. Managed to get a Pack of 4 at two stores, so 8 overall BLC Code worked on both seperate orders too.
    189.99 with BLC which isnt too bad.

    Ive got 12 so far but could do with another 4 haha.
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    Just to add, may not be available in your local store but worth looking around.

    Appreciate they have been a bit cheaper recently but not by too much and you can collect. Fortunately I have a blue light card which took a further 5% off.
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    I’m looking at putting smart TRV’s in at the moment, but worried about the range on the tado system. Anyone installed these in a 2000+sqft house with solid walls? I’m worried only the kitchen rad would connect and the rest would be useless…. Doesn’t look like tado do range extenders or room stats that talk back to the bridge.
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    Im not aware of any range extenders, however my house if fairly large and havent had any issues. That said every house is different so the only real way of knowing is to try them I guess.

    Ive been running with 8 since last year without issue, picked up another 4 today ahead of the winter as have been impressed by the others so far.
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    I have a Nest thermostat will these work with that. I appreciate they won't work with the Nest app on my phone but I could use these via the Tado app or do I need the Tado stat.
    You need the starter kit which includes the bridge for the radiator TRV's (you don't need the thermostat kit). Amazon do a set with the bridge and two TRV's for £199. The bridge looks like a chunky USB, it goes into the back of your router via a network cable and needs power via a USB from the router or plug supplied.
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    I believe you will need a tado setup for them to work. I had the nest previously and swap over was easy enough.

    TADO (IMO) is far better having used both.
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    werent these cheaper previously? i seem to remember them being £39 each not long ago. could be my faulty memory tho
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    Cheapest I think was £44 each back in March (pack of 4). Sadly Marty McFly borrowed my time machine. , If I could go back then I would have ended my mortgage fixed rate that had a year left to run and took out a new deal, given a choice haha!
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    These appear to be back in stock.