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Posted 18 November 2022

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat 3-Pack £159.99 Amazon

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I've been waiting for this to drop, now 20% off.

From the manufacturerControl your radiators intelligently with the tado° Smart Radiator ThermostatDo you already own a Starter Kit? You can now heat even more radiators and rooms in your home intelligently with our add-ons. Add more Smart Radiator Thermostats to your setup for even more control of the energy you use at home. We also have Wireless Temperature Sensors, to control and reach your desired temperature even more accurately.

tado° is an intelligent temperature management system that suits your needs. Use less energy and enjoying even more comfort at the same time. Enjoy innovative features such as: Multi-Room Control, Smart Schedules, Open Window Detection, Geofencing and Air Comfort.



Control your heating with the app or with a smart speaker such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home.


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    you need a Tado hub for these to work, right? I'm after some programmable TRV's but don't want any control over my heating - just the rads (3 of them)
    You just need the Tado Wireless bridge and the Tado Smart TRV's. This is what I bought from Amazon last month: amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1

    You plug in the wireless bridge and then connect the Smart TRV's.

    I use with a Nest Thermostat and will upgrade to the Tado Theromostat at some point. It works okay although I find that the temperature sensor in the smart TRV's work okay when the heating isn't on and mirrors the room temperature pretty accurately, but as soon as the heating comes on the TRV's give me a higher room temp than some Govee room stats I have across the house. Essentially, you just need to adjust the temperature on the smart TRV's to give you the temp you want.
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    £53.33 for each one? Wow - thats expensive
    If that's expensive, I assume you can provide a link for where they're cheaper?
  3. Avatar
    Not bad but hoping for a 4 pack for the same money.
    Unlikely. Terrible inflation this year. Plus Tado launched basic valves that took the same price slot
    Maybe you want to consider getting the Costco pack and selling the surplus? (edited)
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    Shame the besmart deal has ended, could pick 4 up for £175 from tado direct until very recently with this code. I was waiting to see if they'd get any cheaper at BF but have probably shot myself in the foot now as that 35% off was about as good as they'll ever get!
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    Why on their website 4 are £269 and everywhere else are way cheaper. I've seen that they sent me a 15% off code but after you apply it the price is still higher then amazon @ £220 for 4.
  6. Avatar
    Good price, ordered. Thanks
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    Was after 3 more to finish my set up. After checking the prices last year I was hoping for a better deal, but equally not expecting last year's prices taking into account many factors. Debating whether to take the plunge as not sure we'll see any better prices this year
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    These are so expensive now! I have 4 at my house, but could do with 1-2 more. You used to be able to pick these up for sub £40 in multi-pack deals not so long ago. However I do not think there is any prospect of that, as with heating prices what they are they have a captive market!

    Still... I'm going to sit it out a bit longer. I can't be bothered to buy 3 or 4 and have the hassle of flogging the surplus.
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    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could assist please .... basically I have two Honeywell wired thermostats to my boiler, one sets the temperature downstairs and the other one upstairs.

    I would like to install a Tado system and think I need the v3+ wired starter kit (for downstairs) and then the add-on wired thermostat to control the upstairs and then obviously the amount of TRV's on the radiators - is this correct please?

    Also what is the difference between the basic and smart TRV's please?

    Thanks for any help in advance
  10. Avatar
    Looking to move to Tado and get some Smart TRV's, but seems I'm a little too late - price is back at full price now. ☹️
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