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Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat 4 pack - £184 delivered @ Comet

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Sharing as it was the cheapest deal i found for these ahead of winter

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The smart way to control your heating in individual rooms

Never heat your whole home again! tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats can replace your existing thermostatic radiator valves and provideroom-by-room scheduling and control, so you can enjoy greater comfort and improve the efficiency of your heating system.

To benefit from tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats, you must also install a tado° Starter Kit.

Easy to install

These products can be easily self-installed - simply unscrew your existing thermostatic radiator valve, replace this with a tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (using one of the 6 adaptors provided if required), and add the device in your tado° app. The new universal radiator thermostat can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, depending on the type of radiator.

Child-Lock Feature

You can deactivate the manual operation in the app with the Child Lock feature

Easy to use

The highly rated tado° app enables you to individually schedule and control each Smart Radiator Thermostat from anywhere, as well as providing insights and reports about the climate of individual rooms and showing you the energy savings made by tado°.

tado° is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, meaning you can control your heating in each room where you have a Smart Radiator Thermostat, using your voice, as well as integrating them into routines with your other smart home devices.

The thermostats can optionally be operated with Panasonic Eneloop AA 1900 mAh NiMH batteries (the use of other rechargeable battery types is not recommended).

Please note: A compatible hub (sold separately) is required to connect your smart home device.

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  1. Avatar
    Anyone know what is the difference in specs between these valves and the Tado eco valves like the ones sold at screwfix? I mean they look different but is there any technical difference between them? screwfix.com/p/t…1kg
    Eco on the left ( they call it “basic” here)
    Normal model on the right
  2. Avatar
    Will probably pay for themselves this year 😬
    Kettle is cheaper according to BojoCons
  3. Avatar
    Can I replace my existing radiator thermostat and do a straight swap without using any hub etc?
  4. Avatar
    Will these work with a Nest thermostat/Baxi boiler?
    No - Nest used to support a certain Smart TRV set but Google removed all that integration when they took over Nest....
  5. Avatar
    I already have the Tado system installed here since about March this year, I don't have any Tado smart radiator thermostats installed, just the normal dumb TVR's.
    If I purchase these can I set each room radiator to be on a timer via the app - for example Bedroom 1 rad set very low at 15c through the day, and then to 20c from 10pm - 12 to warm the room for bed time, obviously the boiler would already be providing heat for other parts of the house ie Lounge etc with the smart room stat set at 22c and the dumb TVR set high.

    Thanks Ryan for the heads up for these
    You can do exactly what you describe!
  6. Avatar
    So you’ve got to buy a £150 controller/hub for these to work ?
    Keep an eye on Amazon warehouse, you can often pick up the hubs in there for about £80. There are also loads of them on eBay and marketplace.
  7. Avatar
    heat purely because everyone, me included thought Comet was dead!
  8. Avatar
    I've got a full tado setup at home. Been running for almost a year, I have 7 smart thermostats and the starter kit. The system will pay for itself for sure and I would highly recommend it. The whole system is super easy to install, the app has as step by step instructions
    I've had a setup for about 5 years. Works pretty flawlessly.

    All rooms are the right temperature.

    And it's overlooked, but Tado seems the best at getting to the right temperature. Most systems "over shoot" as they don't account for the rads having *heated up* and continuing to radiate heat.
  9. Avatar
    I thought comet went year's ago.
    Yeah me too, was a little sceptical but it appears they went to trading online only.
  10. Avatar
    +1 for “COMET WTF!”
  11. Avatar
    The smart aspects really are pointless on these, nothing wrong with the old type.
    Am I missing something or are you saying a dumb manual TRV is fine? How are these pointless? I used to have to manually go and turn off TRVs in rooms when no one was there but can schedule them to turn on and off whenever I want now. How is that useless?
  12. Avatar
    While I don't doubt the build quality is great on these, they do seem pricey, and i hate the need for hubs for each of these systems. I bought 9x smart trvs from China last month for £193 delivered. I bought a zigbee coordinator dongle and hooked it up to an existing raspberry pi I had kicking around. It works great.

    I've got a nest which I now use as a dumb boiler controller when any of the radiators ask for heat.

    The setup isn't for the faint hearted and it took maybe 4-5 evenings to get it all done (and I generally know what I'm doing) but really happy with the outcome.
    48249020_1.jpg (edited)
    What a load of ballache to save a pittance
  13. Avatar
    I too thought Comet were long dead. Thanks for the heads up I’ve been looking for a decent priced 4 pack. Heat.
  14. Avatar
    Installed a starter kit via OVO deal recently was super easy to do. Wanted to get these but didn't have the funds at the time, happy about this great deal thanks OP
  15. Avatar
    Cheers op. Been looking for a while
  16. Avatar
    Nice first deal @Ryan_Moore - thanks for taking time to share
  17. Avatar
    Heating engineer here … just turn your manual TRVs down upstairs / in rooms you don’t use. Save yourself some money
    That'll partly save, I use my smart TRVs to treat effect. During the day I heat just my home office and my wife's home office. At 5pm, I switch off the heating to those rooms. then at 7pm i start heating up the bedrooms. Whilst you can manually turn them down. Every day you have to remember to turn them off and back on again. Sometimes I'll preheat our offices before we wake up etc
  18. Avatar
    Back to the fifties. Put more clothes on, don't run around the house half naked. Heat your main room only, where practical. Save save save.
    Thats what I will be doing this year, will turn down my TRV,s apart from the living room, as for these valves I purchased a set of four on special a couple of years ago and monitored the amount of energy I saved compared to the TRV,s I already had, there was little or no savings in all fairness so went back to normal TRV,s.
  19. Avatar
    Will these work just as smart radiator valves? I've got a nest smart thermostat attached to the combo boiler and don't want to change it for something else.... If they can work without changing my thermostat how do I do it? I can't see a hub for sale on its own (I'm assuming there will be one somewhere!)
    You need a Tado hub.
    It can work with Nest but they won’t of course talk to each other.
    I imagine the situation can occur where your Nest says heat, boiler is fired, but your Tado Radiator valves have closed because the rooms are hot enough. I think it best to stick to one system!
  20. Avatar
    Good price. I paid £199 for 4 last weekend.
  21. Avatar
    Not had the best experience with these! Ordered the whole kit from Costco and they have been very intermittent. Half of the thermostats didn’t even connect to the hub. Also the electrician and gas engineer both said it was a little more complex to install than Hive or other systems. We’re now sending ours back and getting a Hive. Probably got a rubbish batch as most people seem to have had a positive experience.
    It's the same to install the hub, whether it's direct to boiler or replacing a timer. Not sure what they mean.

    TRVs connect to the hub via radio, not WiFi, so it's very reliable and far reaching.
    Sounds like there might be interference somehow?

    I'd really recommend contacting Tado support, they are typically very very helpful.
  22. Avatar
    Comet! As in the ex high street/retail park Comet that went bust a few years ago?
  23. Avatar
    How do these network? Direct to the hub, or via Wi-Fi? I have a rambling old house with very thick walls and run several Deco routers on a wired backbone to get full signal coverage so I am worried the hub might not cut it.
    I don’t know but checkout the Tado forum, I am sure somewhere that question must have been asked before …
  24. Avatar
    Looks like MISCO bought the Comet name
  25. Avatar
    I dont even have TRV's lol. I have a 3 bed detached 30 year old house and have the heating on 6 months of the year all day , off at night. My current variable capped rate is £170 per month gas and electric. I changed the 30 year old boiler last year for a modern bosch and its made no difference to the usage or bill at all having been promised a 30% reduction. I have one thermostat in the lounge and thats it. The old bolier was only serviced 5 times in 30 years took the risk with it being in the garage. As far as I can see I've saved a fortune keeping my old boiler as long as possible and I dont think any of these new gadgets really save money, they just get you to spend out more. If you have a similar sized house and are paying significantly less than 170 please tell as I could be persuaded.
    Faulty gas meter?
    I’m a gas engineer and I’d imagine 30% reduction on bills is about right. What temperature is your boiler set at?
  26. Avatar
    It does get to the point where you spend a fortune on this and that gadget apparently to save money!
  27. Avatar
    Just to confirm i received mine today! seems they are now out of stock, hope anyone who grabbed some enjoys some smart home goodness
    Dang, I hope mine show up. Ordered on Saturday and still just showing as 'Processing' today. I've already paid for and fitted the starter kit!
  28. Avatar
    I ordered mine on Sunday for standard delivery, and it is still showing as "Processing" even though they have just been delivered TODAY at 11.55am

    Thanks again Ryan_Moore for this deal, lowest price I have seen recently and just in time before the cold weather kicks in
    saturday here and still nothing, showing as 'Processing'

    Trying to get an update from Comet because otherwise it's £199 from Toolstation but with a 5% trade or blue light discount and possible a £20 cashback from Tado themselves for pro install (if they accept your invoice, that is)
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