tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3) £139.99 @ amazon

tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3) £139.99 @ amazon

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Found 18th Jul 2017
Been looking at upgrading central heating to a smart meter for a while. Decided tado was the system for me. Seems a good price for v3, so I ordered last night and thought it will arrive next month, but had an email today saying it has shipped and will arrive tomorrow!
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£179.09 now?
Absolutely fantastic smart thermostat and gets the thumbs up from me.

Had one for a year on a rental agreement to see how it went and very impressed with it. The geo fencing is fantastic and the multiple temperature settings allowed a comfortable house all winter.

The installation instructions are typically German, very clear and concise. Enter your boiler make and current thermostat set up and it gives you detailed steps on how to change it.

Had it not gone up to £179, I would have got one as the rental goes back next month but I will have to get another one before winter.
After looking earlier this year I got my complete v3 kit off ebay for £130 BIN in April which was slightly over the going rate then. Registered for the newer wifi dongle which arrived late June but unless you've got Apple Homekit stuff, not really needed.
As gr1340 says, good kit but I've only installed the thermostat bit so far, not the hot water controller.

On reviewing the amazon link however this may just be the thermostat kit not the complete v3 kit which also includes the extension to control the hot water as well as the heating, so at £140 was overpriced and as listed now at £182, there are much better buying options around - and there's only one left anyway.Great kit but voted cold as not a great deal.

Make sure you're aware of what you're buying.
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Just checked ebay for tado kits and found they've really gone up since I bought mine, so whilst I originally voted cold, it's more like tepid given the current marketplace.
Have this and the hot water controller. Amazing bit of kit. Geofencing with multiple users sells it to me.
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