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Posted 26 January 2023

tado° Smart TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve £199.99 @ Toolstation

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This is not the cheapest these have ever been but certainly the best deal I can find at the moment. These are not to be confused with the Eco models which have no display.
Toolstation More details at Toolstation
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  1. hashmio9's avatar
    What's the difference between the basic and smart version?
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    The basic/Eco TRV does not have an LED display and the range in which you can manually set the radiator is limited to 19-25 vs 5-25 on the standard ones. You also don't get the Air Comfort skill on rooms with a basic/Eco TRV as the required sensors to support the feature aren't included.

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  2. Orbsalot's avatar
    Cold. These are consistently lower than than this.
    amz84uk's avatar
    Would you be kind enough to share a link to help support your claim that these are “consistently lower”?

    This is a excellent price from Toolstation for a pack of 4, which are the proper full Smart TRVs from Tado; not the basic Smart TRVs from Tado, which are usually cheaper.
  3. CyptoHippy's avatar
    Lots of places selling them for £199 at the moment, John Lewis, BT, AO, Currys and Comet is the lowest at £195. I have had a look for discount codes to perhaps take 10% off but not seen anything. These normally are around £160-£180 when discounted on special offers. (edited)
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    If you have a Defence Discount or Blue Light card then you can get a further 5% off.
  4. Matholwch's avatar
    It was mentioned elsewhere - if you have a Octopus Energy, you can email them (from your account email address, mention your account number) to ask for a 35% discount code, which you can use twice. It takes a few days (2 working days for me).

    But means you can buy this set for £175.50 (plus p&p probably).
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    Where is the discount to.. Tado direct?
  5. nokiafusion's avatar
    I still don’t understand how these are better than the standard ones on radiators.
    Matholwch's avatar
    1) You can be lazy, and not walk around switching on/off valves.
    2) You can schedule when they heat rooms (bit like above).
    3) Stops heating the room once your temprature is reached - closes off the valve.
    4) You can geofence your heating, if you forget to switch it off (although you could do that with Nest and Hive and switch off the boiler).
    5) It does have open window detection - if it detects the temp drops dramatically in a certain room, it will prompt you the option to switch off the heating in that room, as clearly a window or door is open, and you're wasting energy. (edited)
  6. Just_Looking's avatar
    Maybe a stupid question, but are these just the valve controls, i.e. the actual valve remains in place, these just replace the bit that turns?
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    Yes, if you have an existing non smart trv, the bit that turns with numbers on it pops off and this goes in it's place
  7. Tom_Szczepanski's avatar
    The question I have with these, as someone with a Nest, is that is it worth replacing that with a Tado thermostat and starting to fit the house with these? I'm sure the answer is probably it depends, but I don't really know how to start unpicking the question.
    CyptoHippy's avatar
    The EU version of the Tado has Opentherm so it can modulate your flow temps up and down automatically giving you a smoother heating curve something to look into not sure if your Nest is a modulating thermostat (edited)
  8. Chrysqwerty's avatar
    I’m curious if these will work with Bosh Easy Control
    CyptoHippy's avatar
    Bosch boilers use EMS and yes it works but make sure you get the Tado EU version which has opentherm do not buy it from screwfix UK version opentherm has been removed.
  9. arianlegend's avatar
    Can you use these with under floor heating?
    CyptoHippy's avatar
    I don't think so these are TRV's for radatoirs
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