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Posted 26 September 2022

Tado° Smart TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve Quattro Pack £191.99 delivered @ City plumbing

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Posted a slightly more expensive deal from Toolstation yesterday (unless you have a bluelight card).

Good deal from City Plumbing if you are in the market for Tado Smart TRVs.

Bit cheaper and delivery included (collection also available).

Info added by @Yasmin26

Currently £199.99 at Toolstation

Tado Add-on: Smart Radiator Thermostat - Official Website


Never heat your whole home again! tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats can replace your existing thermostatic radiator valves and provide room-by-room scheduling and control, so you can enjoy greater comfort and improve the efficiency of your heating system. To benefit from tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats, you must also install a tado° Starter Kit.

This product can be easily self-installed - simply unscrew your existing thermostatic radiator valve, replace this with a tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (using one of the 6 adaptors provided if required), and add the device in your tado° app. The new universal radiator thermostat can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, depending on the type of radiator.

The highly rated tado° app enables you to individually schedule and control each Smart Radiator Thermostat from anywhere, as well as providing insights and reports about the climate of individual rooms and showing you the energy savings made by tado°. tado° is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. The thermostats can optionally be operated with Panasonic Eneloop AA 1900 mAh NiMH batteries (the use of other rechargeable battery types is not recommended). tado Smart Radiator Thermostats are available to purchase in single, duo and quattro packs.

  • Works with a tado Starter Kit and provides room-by-room scheduling and control from the tado app
  • Easy to self-install when replacing an existing Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV), can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, depending on the type of radiator.
  • Save energy by only heating the rooms you are using
  • Achieve your perfect temperature in every room
  • Comes with the tado Energy Savings Guarantee - save on your heating bills within 12 months or get your money back!
  • “Set the temperature in the Living Room to 22 degrees” - works with Amazon Alexa / Apple HomeKit / Google Assistant
  • Packed full of energy saving skills, including Geofencing - never heat an empty home!
  • The tado Smart Schedule allows you to fully personalise your heating and is only active when someone is at home.
  • View in-app reports about your heating activity, temperature and humidity profiles and the energy being saved by tado
  • Get notified when there is an issue with your boiler, through the in-app Care & Protect feature, helping you to fix issues quickly

Technical Specification

Battery Size: AAA
Interior or Exterior Use: Interior
Depth: 290 mm
Height: 204 mm
Width: 370 mm
Screen Type: Digital with LEDs
Operating System Compatibility: IOS, ANDROID
Connection Type: RF 868MHz
Battery Type: Alkaline
Number of Zones: 4
Digital or Analogue: Digital
Compatibility: >90% TRV valves;
Box includes: 6 x adaptors
Languages: English
Colour: White
Finish: Plastic
Years Guaranteed: 2
Type: Smart Radiator Thermostats
Brand Name: TADO
Country Origin: CHINA
Manufacturer Model No: 104043
Made To Order: N

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  1. Avatar
    how long do the batteries last in these?
    Long enough that I can’t remember when I last changed them. Will write the date on them in future.

    You can use rechargeables now (the older ones you couldn’t).
  2. Avatar
    Starting to wonder if anyone who has ordered these will actually get them. Placed an order on 6 Oct ( and money taken straight away) with a delivery date of 22 Oct. Rang the helpline today to chase my order up as still not dispatched. Was told they do not have any and don't know when or if they will be getting them either. They then said my local branch will phone me on Monday to say if they have any, as they "may" have a set arriving then, otherwise I was told to just wait. Pretty poor service all told - if you don't know if you can source the item, stop taking the orders and people's money.
    To be fair, it's not just them. The guy I spoke with was extremely apologetic and said he'll call me when they arrive.

    I gave up and ordered mine from Amazon, who I believe own Tado or something like that. And I still haven't received them. They all sitting somewhere I'm sure. It's just a matter of time.
  3. Avatar
    £175 for Bulb customers as part of their Members Perks - in my App account anyway. Just starting my research on whether to buy. Maybe of help to others.
    Edited as made an error. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    You will need to swap from Nest to Hub for them to function. I was previously on Nest and (IMO) Tado is a better all round system.
  5. Avatar
    Good price, thanks for sharing 👌🏻
  6. Avatar
    I had an issue when I moved back to Tado from my kickstarter kit, as it was still registered to my account which stopped me registering my new hub (cant have two).

    Response from them was quick and had me running in no time. So from my experience I would say the support was spot on. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Amazon have these in stock but at £200 for 3 radiator thermostats.
    I need 10 valves!
    Gonna bite the bullet and order 2*4 from City Plumbing, let's hope Christmas comes early!!
    If can get 8 valves for £383.98, I'll be well chuffed.
    I picked up the Amazon ones on their recent prime day. Think I paid around 300 for them. Just didn't want to wait.
  8. Avatar
    Perfect! Thanks - bought one set. That was much better than the collection from toolstation and randomly trying to find stores with availability!
  9. Avatar
    I have nest already and don't really want to change it. Can I just install the thermostats on their own and control via an app? If so, do I need a hub? (edited)
    You need a hub otherwise they can’t talk to the app. They are not sold separately but maybe you can source one from eBay.

    Otherwise you would need a ‘starter pack’ that includes the hub. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Is there any decent system which uses an open comms protocol?
    Sure there are systems out there but factoring in programming and hunting about for the relevant parts to many would make it a deal breaker.
  11. Avatar
    Recently commissioned Evohome in my house

    Love it. Just need more of the e-trv.
  12. Avatar
    thank you i hope this is worth the investment
  13. Avatar
    How do you install this? As I don't have a smart heating set
  14. Avatar
    Can't seem to find any Wired starter kits to kick me off!
    Sometimes Shell Energy shop has some. Else wait for Amazon's periodic sale. Or check out eBay, sometimes someone is selling a new one (if you don't fancy used).
  15. Avatar
    Tado or Drayton? Heard that Tado support is non existent?
  16. Avatar
    Looks like they have now sold out.
  17. Avatar
    Back in stock
  18. Avatar
    Cold - £169.99 at Toolstation yesterday
    No longer available at that price though, so this appears to be the cheapest at the moment.
  19. Avatar
    I'm sorry to be incapable of Googling. I tried but failed. I just want TRVs that I can put on a timer. Don't want to buy hub etc. Will these work? If not what will? Also want them to be as silent as possible! Thanks
    Not sure about non smart TVRs but I've seen smart ones on Amazon that don't require a hub so will run on WiFi/ Bluetooth, example below. I assume there's then an app you can set a timer on.

  20. Avatar
    For these to work you will need a hub,

    They are quiet but not 100 percent silent.
  21. Avatar
    I understand Geofencing is free with the V3. Amazon have some in stock, but apparently I need the wireless kit if I want to control Hotwater (despite having wired thermostat).

    If I order the Amazon wired V3, register it to create a legacy account, then return and order V3+ wireless from Screwfix, will I maintain the free Geofencing?
  22. Avatar
    Is there a difference between the Amazon v3 and screfix v3? I thought they were the same.
  23. Avatar
    Ordered last month and still waiting for these
  24. Avatar
    Just cancelled my order from City Plumbing .... far too much of a delay.
    Instead, ordered from TADO
    Is the Tado offer open to everyone? How much is the wireless starter kit from them? And individual rad stats?
  25. Avatar
    Is the Tado offer open to all? Is the wireless starter kit also on offer?
  26. Avatar
    Never imagined that getting these TRVs would be such a joke. Having had my order with CP now for weeks, I spoke to them yesterday and was told they have no idea when they are getting any, despite telling me 2 weeks ago they expected some tomorrow (4 Nov). Yesterday I managed to snag 4 of them from Toolstation only to find today when they didn't arrive that the warehouse had cancelled the order despite marking it as completed on my account. While I'm not in a mega rush for them, it would be nice to get them before next Summer.
    I had the same issue with CP. Requested a refund yesterday but am yet to get a credit or confirmation that the order has been cancelled.
    Oh, and the price at CP has now gone up to £235, with delivery in 21 days (yeh sure!) What a joke,
  27. Avatar
    Also been waiting a month now. Going to cancel my order and get a refund.
  28. Avatar
    Word of warning to anyone thinking of using this company - don't! After waiting a month and still not getting my TRVs, I ordered them from elsewhere and sent CPS an email to cancel my order. Today, after getting no reply to my email, I rang my local branch who - despite my order status showing as outstanding - said the TRVs had arrived and would be delivered today.
    I told the chap I no longer needed them and was told that if I didn't have them he would charge me a re-stocking fee! On checking their FAQs I can find no mention of any charge for returns, so have had to send another email to customer services, but feel this could drag on.
    That’s dreadful treatment and astonishing that a company think they can still behave in that way in this day and age.
    1) They should not charge until goods are despatched especially where there is an extended delay.
    2) They can’t change a restocking fee or charge anything for returns even if they stated that they do in their terms. You have a right to cancel before receiving goods or returning them anyway under the distance regulations.
    It obviously hasn’t filled down to that Manager that the company are keen on getting good Trustpilot reviews.
  29. Avatar
    Just an update for anyone still thinking of using this company - I returned my order yesterday after buying direct from Tado instead. Manager of my local branch this time made no mention of a restock fee but said that he had to email customer service to initiate the refund. However, he refused to do it while I waited and said he would do it when he had time.
    Today I got through to customer service who said no refund request had been made, so offered to ring the branch and talk him through it. I explained he was not a helpful guy but let her try.
    She returned a few minutes later and agreed the manager needed to improve his customer service skills, stating he had asked her "what do you want" when she introduced herself. He then proceeded to refuse to do the refund and told her he would only do it when he had a spare minute.
    So currently I am in the dark about what is going on as the branch manager seems to be refusing to implement the refund and the customer service team cannot do anything until he does. Never known a company like it!
    They need to get rid of that manager!
    I was interested to know how long they get to refund you, just looked it up on the gov.uk site … it’s 14 days.
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