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Tado Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+ and Smart Radiator Thermostat Horizontal - £201.99 @ Tado
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Get a Tado starter kit v3 plus a smart radiator thermostat horizontal or vertical for a combined price of £201.99 There are other offers/bundles available on the Tado website for … Read more

Until today I had Tado (rental) and was going to buy the V3+ until I learnt it would function worse than my V2 unless I paid the £4 a month.... I have cancelled my Tado rental, went to Screwfix and now have a Nest on the wall.


Still too expensive for what it is Vs Drayton Wiser, particularly with the new subscription


Yes from version v3+ which this is. If they want a fee I think £5 for the year should cover the cost or alternatively put ads on the app.


On the new v3+ there is a sub for ‘auto-assist’ which automatically turns heating off based on geofencing and window detection. Otherwise it’s a notification. This sounds bad, partly because V3 and lower get this free. However, with HomeKit, IFTTT and other integration into Tado, these features can be enabled on those platforms free still


True. Un-hot.

Tado Smart TRVs - Duo/Quattro packs £196 for 4 - tado.com
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Tado have an Easter promo for loyal customers. 2 or 4 TRVs or thermostats. 2 thermostats for £208 4 thermostats for £396 2 TRVs for £108 4 TRVs for £196 TRVs aren't coming down … Read more
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Mine aswell. Happy days! If you speak to tado, you can get them to set the valve to override the smart thermostat if you have it. So I have smart thermostat, and 3 smart valves in one zone(1st floor) , and another thermostat with one valve in the living room in the second zone. I set the thermostat to low heat as generally its in the corridors. So now If one of the rooms need heat to reach the temperature , it requests from the thermostat to override its rules to draw heat. Till that room reaches the optimum temperature then everything shuts down. the other rooms just shut them selves if they are in optimum temperature. Makes it more effective and economical for my setup atleast after consulting with Tado.


Just to confirm deal is DEFINITELY still alive as my 4 vertical Tado valves arrived today! @MM_Elsaid


Thanks buddy! I've been waiting for something on those TRVs. I tried this like couple of weeks ago but it didn't work. Looks like they put it back live! Thanks for the heads up. I confirm I also used the link and SUCCESSFULLY checked out a quarto pack..!


This deal is STILL LIVE if you click through the OP link. You cannot find it navigating through the Tado website directly, but through the link I was able to purchase the quattro TRV set for the discount price.


I think I've changed the batteries in the Trv once so far, and I've had it for 6 months.

Tado £50 discount till 28.02.18 - Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit (SE) £149
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Tado £50 discount till 28.02.18 - Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit (SE) £149
introducing the new Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit (SE): More comfort, better control and platform connectivity.With multi-room control and the new heating algorithm, tado° can sav… Read more
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I asked them on Twitter and they said this is a cheaper version with fewer features and you can pay monthly to get the rest of the features. Or you can buy the v3 version and get the full features in the app without any monthly payments. Its not really a £50 discount if you're getting less for it, they really need to put that on the site.


Hope you're right @nuttyphilt


No, existing users will not have to pay but it's not very clear for the new users that they will have to pay - it doesn't even say how much and if it's a monthly payment or not. Since the Special Edition looks exactly the same as the Standard one, it should be explicitly said what is the difference between the kits.


There’s nothing saying that existing users will have to pay for these features, just new users who buy this SE thermostat


This absolutely would be disgusting business practices. Especially given how so many people have bought into their products based on these features being part of that initial sales pitch. To now go and charge extra for features that were already paid-for would be theft imo! There must surely be some consumer protection board or something that would step to prevent such shady practices?! Really hope it's a misunderstanding and they don't go down this route.

20% off starter kits @ Tado
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
20% off starter kits @ Tado
£159£19920%Tado Deals
Tado just emailed me - 20% off till 31/12/17
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Mine works great!


Dont trust them. Bought month ago starter kit. Looks like I have faulty bridge. Won't connect to internet. Was told by support help to disconect all tado equipment and wait for replacement. Waiting 3 weeks now. Sending emails everyday. No answer. Had to put old thermostat back on the wall. Avoid. Read trustpilot review


Already posted: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/skip-black-friday-20-off-tado-starter-kits-2837174

Skip Black Friday... 20% off tado starter kits
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Get 20% off any Starter Kit from December 11th until 31st. I've been using mine for some time now and have found it lives up to the promises - considered Nest and Hive but some of… Read more
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I think it's better than Nest. But yes. Similar idea. It will also work in standalone if no tado servers. It just becomes a normal thermostat. If you're not happy after 6 months they let you return and have a refund. (as long as you've used it for 6 months, less than 12 months and aren't happy because you haven't saved money). They don't need any proof that you haven't saved money. Details in their site.


I do have the extension box and installed that, and the thermostat, within about an hour. Pretty daunting to start with but it was straightforward - I didn't have any prior experience of doing it myself was hugely satisfying. Don't pay to have it installed... get on it!


I've been looking at these and the Evohome for quite a while as they seem to be similar in capability. I did hear the Evohome is good as it works standalone so should anything happen to the company or if the servers go down you've still have a working system. A lot of people recommend Tado though so I am tempted to pull the trigger on this! I take it without forking out on thermostats you get similar to a Nest experience. I too need about 10 thermostats!! (annoyed)


I didn't need the extender for my system so can't comment on that. But worth noting that most people install Tado themselves. Whilst nest recommend an installer (at extra cost). Without extender the Tado was very easy to install. About as hard as wiring a plug!


I had the standard, non-smart programmable Honeywell @noneames - I don't have experience of the evohome stuff... but personally, I would recommend tado having had it in for a couple of years now. Good kit.

TADO .Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit (v3) 12 months rental for £38.30
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
TADO .Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit (v3) 12 months rental for £38.30
£38.30Tado Deals
This is for 12 months rental period. This is cheap option for people who do not want spend a lot of money for smart thermostat. Use code : BLACK to get this price.

If your renting shouldn't you get 'free' upgrades to the latest kit?


I've still got the v1 on rental - great kit, and with the geolocation tracking IMO makes it the best of the bunch in terms of usefulness and energy saving; house warm when anyone is home, not heated unnecessarily when we're all out. Set and forget.

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Rent Tado 4260328610077 Smart Thermostat V2 for 50% off: just £4.99 a month with £9.80 delivery - £69.68
Found 14th Jan 2016Found 14th Jan 2016
Rent Tado 4260328610077 Smart Thermostat V2 for 50% off: just £4.99 a month with £9.80 delivery - £69.68
£69.68Tado Deals
SSE have partnered up with Tado reducing the normal rental price of £7.99 to just £4.99 which comes to £69.68 a year with shipping. Should pay for itself. If you decide to buy it y… Read more

Some of the people with them are not doing so well it seems... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-35311447 the fix doesn't seem to be there yet - "we expect to roll out in the coming weeks" they say!


​nest is doing pretty well actually. There will always be a market when it involves the ability to be lazy.


I sell these with new boiler installations and there very good and far better than BG's nest. We base the customers estimated savings on 20% but depending on how leaky the house is depends on how much you save.


Isn't this what a wife is for? I guess there are some mugs out there, can't see a market for this type of device and for that reason I'm out...


​When a new model comes out? The thermostats of 50 years ago are still doing their thing, and doing what this does - ie turning the heating on when it's cold and off when it's hot. There is no way this saves 31 or even 26% over a traditional set up.

15% off Tado smart heating system
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
15% off Tado smart heating system
£178.95Tado Deals
Similar to the nest, and other smart thermostats out there, but in my opinion better for the simple reason it has geolocation - so it turns the heating off when you go out - and tu… Read more

Got the nest from JL, arrived today. Hopefully getting it installed in next day or two. Work from home so the geo-location no real need plus if you are on the way home you could use the app to start it up anyway can't you?


I can see you point, but you will always save money doing things manually. If we all took that view I guess we would be winding our car windows up and tuning in our TVs and Radios with twisty buttons .Personally I like the convenience of automation, and actually they are pretty good... I consider it to be money well spent. Once configured correctly you will never need to touch the thermostat again.


I switch the heating on when I get in and off when I leave. Jackpot - saved £178.95.


Just out of interest you will need the extension box if you want to control hot water, this costs extra.


Thanks ordered. +£15.92 quidco

Tado Smart Thermostat @ tado.com (12 month rental) £60.70
Found 27th Nov 2014Found 27th Nov 2014
Tado Smart Thermostat @ tado.com (12 month rental) £60.70
£60.70Tado Deals
If you are not aware, Tado is a smart thermostat that learns how quick your home heats up, checks the local weather forecast and uses presence detection to control your heating. T… Read more
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Oh yeah! Great spot.


Just buy Tado outright for £180 using the same code




The official app does not do geofencing. As I say, I considered it but was put off by this and the fact that my brothers unit is activated by his dog walking around the house. I think its the poor relation personally but to each his own.


It doesn't. It has an app also that also uses geofencing that does an autoaway facility and I can confirm it works on mine. It also allows you to set a minimum temp for when it's in autoaway

Tado smart thermostat £2.82 rental per month @ Tado
Found 20th Aug 2014Found 20th Aug 2014
Down from 6.99 Ends 31/08 Monthly rental fees will be charged annually in one amount (12 months x £2.82 = £33.84 per year). You have the option to cancel at the end of each month… Read more

The box(relay) that replaces the thermostat only has one button on it that does very little, the home button, not needed if you all have phones. The thermostat is the portable unit, but that can just be stuck on the wall where the current stat is if thats where you want it.


Ps, the 5% discount code didn't work but the one on TopCashBack did


Just gone through rental deal this morning but have opted for the installation as we don't have a wired thermostat/programmer, ours is a wireless rf one currently and the boiler is in loft. Hoping that they will run cable from loft down onto landing but if not will get them to site it next to boiler and then get an electrician to run it down and move it




Ordered mine yesterday on rental,can't wait to see what savings I can get

Tado smart thermostat £7.99 per month cost but guaranteed £10 per month saving! Plus chance of a 10% discount!
Found 7th Feb 2014Found 7th Feb 2014
Hi first post so please be gentle. I have rented a Tado smart thermostat. It is just like the British Gas Hive but even better. Cost is £7.99 per month (you have to pay the first y… Read more
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The discount code doesn't work : ( anyone have a new one?


Added on the 10% discount code. I place my order before finding out about the code. I missed out but hope it help!


If you call their customer service number all of the operatives currently offer you a 10% discount code for both the rental and buying option.


Hi yes reading on Facebook it looks like they will be shipping these soon plus it looks like they may be turning round orders more quickly from now on. I am surprised this did not get mega hot but maybe the tech is still a little niche. I love new gadgets and technology, especially if it can save me money in the long run. I will post a quick review when I receive mine..


only issue has been shipping time due to them having no stock however this is hopefully resolved as they have just received stock, I cant wait to get mine