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Tails.com 2 weeks dog food free, £2 delivery
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Tails.com offering 2 weeks free dog food when you pay postage. This is for a subscription which you can cancel once you get your free two weeks worth. The food is tailored to yo… Read more

1 month free (£1 delivery) codes HARSYRVTN HAR9PGE8Y HAR6UWDXZ HAR42XE76


Step up dog food


Genius (y)


If you go for this offer, make sure that you say you've got a 20 stone Great Dane. You'll get more free food that way.


Terrible quality food, full of carbs and can guarantee you will get chicken as the main meat... its cheap and very poor quality.

Free Trial - 4 Weeks Supply of Dog Food Worth Up to £54 @ Tails.com (+£1 Delivery)
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
Free Trial - 4 Weeks Supply of Dog Food Worth Up to £54 @ Tails.com (+£1 Delivery)
Bag a whole 4 weeks of food tailored to your dog’s breed, age, weight, health conditions, favourite flavours and more. Each dog gets their own unique recipe and it really does last… Read more
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1 month free (£1 delivery) codes HARSYRVTN HAR9PGE8Y HAR6UWDXZ HAR42XE76


Just pointing out a fact.


Nice of you to imply that I am benefitting from this. Not the case. I only posted the code because I was asked for it in a comment above. I don't have an account with them, I don't even have a dog! But I am a dog lover.


Just to make a point. The codes given will also give the code supplier of the code £10 credit to their account so every time S7wqqq get used a tenner goes to a account. Another code STEQBCCPN


haha i did what you said and put in i have a giant breed gave me 3 times the free amount i would have got other wise

Free Tails Dog Food Set Include Scoop (Worth £54) with just £1 delivery
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Free Tails Dog Food Set Include Scoop (Worth £54) with just £1 delivery
‘Tails’ is giving away free 2 weeks dog food sample packs and a free scoop with £1 as delivery charges.

poeple that have already used this service like my self. Are given a code to give users a 1 month free rather then 2 weeks and gives the person £10 credit that gives out the code. I had got my family to sign up(x6) and i spend £60 of the credit on wet food x35, Dry food (months worth), Dental sticks x30, treats x10) and dog bags. plus the dry food my family got so I have like 8 months of dry food and cost me all of £7 :) When it arrived in a large box my GF could not move it :) EDIT: I cancelled my order once i received the food on my family's account and just pause my delivery on my account. Also this is rated 3.3 out of 5: https://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk/dog-food-reviews/1334/tails


How do I cancel the subscription? Knowing my dog he will turn his nose up at this as he is very fussy. Edit: Found it.


My new dog won't touch it :(


You can also get £6.82 cashback through TopCashback

Free 4 Weeks Supply of Dog Food Worth Up to £54 from Tails.com (£1 for Postage)
LocalLocalFound 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Free 4 Weeks Supply of Dog Food Worth Up to £54 from Tails.com (£1 for Postage)
I actually can't believe how much dog food you get for free with Tails. It's ridiculous but LOADS of our visitors have already got theirs and sent in photos. Just sign up and you … Read more
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Anyone know how to cancel online? I can't find it. edit: found it at the bottom of dashboard


My dog is super fussy and loved the food that was delivered. Bargain for a pound and it looks like I'll continue the subscription. Not for all dogs, but works for mine


It said same for me but then I used a link of their twitter page that gave me a month


Tails dot com must be generous rewarding their referrers - I got a PM another day from a HUKD member for Tails dot com (with affiliate codes), and I've never even interacted with this person. I suspect from their comments on other threads (about Tails) that they've been PMing others. And he then had the cheek to PM back, saying he sent it to me "by mistake" - what, you mean, you looked for my profile, hit Send Message, and all that was by accident? That HUKD member is still active, as well.


My dog wouldn't touch it lol. She just sniffed it and thought nah I'll get something better later.

Free Trial tailor made Dog Food @ Tails - £1 delivery
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Free Trial! Tailor-made food just for your dog Just £1 for delivery Edit: Linik was 1 month but now is 2 weeks worth of dog food for only £1, thanks to @djmackie2000 for noticing … Read more
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You get an extra 4 days free for going through TopCashback apparently. It doesn't specifically say on TCB but once you go through them a banner at the top of the tails website says extra 4 days added for free.


Order, wait for dispatch, cancel future orders. Is what I done.


It doesn’t look much different from the others I’ve seen in the HUKD tails vouchers and deals pages, so I didn’t realise. eg https://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/free-one-month-supply-of-dog-food-pay-1-delivery-tails-2849967 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tailscom-dog-food-trial-1-delivery-2820795 I think I got the code off one of those, mse or VoucherCodes. Anyhow, the code gave me 1 month for £1 instead of 2 weeks so whoever posted it and however it came about I’m grateful for the code.


Yes it was a referral Code, none referral codes would looks like "TWOWEEKSFREE" "ONEMONTHFREE" not the start of the person name E.G ANDREEK3, Brya12312



Tails.com dog food trial (£1 delivery)
Found 1st Nov 2017Found 1st Nov 2017
Tails.com dog food trial (£1 delivery)
Tails are offering a 1 month trial of their tailored made dog food for £1 and then the real price after the month but I got 12kg of dog food a scooper and 42 jelly meat and others … Read more
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Only rated 3.9 out of 5 on which dog food.


Good to hear, although feeding a puppy raw isn't as expensive as you may think. Sure, if you buy the pre-made, branded stuff in a fancy labelled tub then the cost will be high. However, huge savings can be achieved by buying straight frozen mince. Just make sure to vary the meat/tripe/offal etc so the dog gets all their nutritional needs (yes there's a little science to it but it's really not hard). Many frozen petfood companies now supply the raw mince in small convenient bags (approx 500g) so it defrosts quicker and is easier to manage (we try to maximise the savings so have a large separate freezer and order bulk 5kg blocks - 50lb of chicken/tripe mix is just over £26). There's a huge range of different meats to choose from IE: chicken, duck, lamb, venison, game, fish etc etc then you can treat the dogs on things like raw chicken feet/heads/wings/necks, paddywack, pigs ears and obviously various different bones (all dependent on the size of the animal). So there's no real reason not to give it a go and give your dog a great start in life. There's a ton of info to be found via a google search or just give me a shout and I'll happily give advice.


i would say on the high carbs side of things (aadf wont have tried all combinations of food) that you can adjust your dog settings to change the content of the food (i know it makes a mockery of the tailored specifically for your dog aspect - but thats just a gimmick anyway) i played with the settings for what can and cant be included and got up to 65/35 mixture (which isnt too bad and grain free). But like you said you should go into it thinking its a permanent food change if your dog gets on with it rather than just a month and change again. so you need to look at the ongoing cost after the trial - although nothing stopping people getting a second or 3rd free trial if you have a different address you can get it delivered too ;) We are also looking to switch to Raw once our pup is over a year old (cost of raw food for a growing puppy is 4 times the cost of a maintaining feed!)


You'll get no argument from me regarding the quality of brands like Pedigree, you're also right about Tails food being superior in comparison (I'd be very concerned if it wasn't). The main issue is most here won't stick with it, so a few weeks later the dog will be back on the supermarket rubbish again (if that's what was previously being fed) or changed to another food type, with all these changes happening in a short period of time, which highlights my point above is it really worth it? I was going to bring up the idea of donating this product to a rescue centre, but again, would it result in hyper dogs due to the very high carbs? Not an ideal situation where many dogs are held together or where a potential new owner comes to meet the animal. For more info on hightend carbs and dogs please do google: high carbs and hyper dogs At the end of the day the choice here is with the pet owner, I'm just highlighting potential issues. I am happy to hear that you are feeding a quality food though, Orijen is a fantastic product and one we tried. Unfortunately, our small dogs didn't get on with it so we went over to Eden. Now we've made a change to raw as it offers everything nutritionally and can be adapted to each animal with relative ease. Lastly, If anyone from Tails is reading this and feels it unjust or that AADF findings are incorrect (maybe you've since changed the ingredients in your kibble) then please do leave a comment, as I'm not looking to tarnish the name of any good dog food manufacturer, I am simply pointing out the apparent high carb content and the potential associated issues.


I actually feed mine orijen which is another 5/5 food so as I said I agree with you. But this stuff is a lot better than most supermarket bought food like pedigree. Worst case it’s a really big bag of treats or a donation to a local dog rescue home.

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One month of tailor-made dog food for £1 plus a free poo bag holder and bags (Tails.com via O2 Priority)
Found 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
One month of tailor-made dog food for £1 plus a free poo bag holder and bags (Tails.com via O2 Priority)
From website: Try tails.com now for one month of free tailor-made dog food, just £1 delivery. Plus for a limited time only get a free poo bag holder, complete with a roll of biode… Read more

Good stuff and our dog loves his! ours worked out £43 each order when we were normally paying £38 for his previous food. Did a couple of orders and went back to his previous food due to price, nothing more. comes in 2 handy bags rather than lumping 12.5kg out of the cupboard every week to refill.


Thanks! Ordered for my dog. Also got 31 wet trays added for free too.

Tails.com Free 2week Trial (pay £1 Delivery)
Found 26th Sep 2017Found 26th Sep 2017
Tails.com Free 2week Trial (pay £1 Delivery)
In our 2 minute nutritional consultation you tell us about your dog's breed, lifestage, physical condition, energy and activity levels, flavour and ingredient preferences, health i… Read more

If you know someone already using it, you can get a month free at the moment ;)

£1 for a trial of Tails Dog food.
Found 7th Mar 2017Found 7th Mar 2017
£1 for a trial of Tails Dog food.
Free trial of Tails dog food - pay only £1 for the delivery - deliveries can be stopped any time. We got a free measuring scoop with ours to accurately measure out the food. Barg… Read more

Hot from me.... even if just for the trial!


I used this trail a few months ago... Great service! Dog loves the food, Price after the trail is very reasonable too! HOT!!

50% off a 2 week pet food trial £15 @ Tails
Found 7th Mar 2017Found 7th Mar 2017
50% off a 2 week pet food trial £15 @ Tails
50% off a 2 week trial of Tails dog food. Price varies by dog as each purchase is tailored to your dogs needs.
FREE Bespoke dog food trial with no P+P charges - TAILS.COM
Found 7th Jan 2017Found 7th Jan 2017
FREE Bespoke dog food trial with no P+P charges - TAILS.COM
Multiple deals posted before but all seem to be for £1 postage and packaging. CODE: TV Tails This is totally free and can be cancelled straight after ordering. Hope this helps … Read more
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Thank you, I'm all set to cancel deliveries, but you never know if the referrals link will add up.


Same here. It's great.


Just an update. Received today and cancelled very easily. Even have a how to on their website.


Cheers :)


I think it comes with 2 weeks worth in one bag. So as soon as it's delivered I'll be on there to cancel it. Had an email to say it's been shipped today.

Found 28th Jul 2016Found 28th Jul 2016
Give your dog what it needs high quality Food with great nutrition , perfectly portioned for YOUR DOG Enter dogs name Enter dogs weight Enter dogs Exercise Perfectly measured p… Read more

it is Legit i still get Deliveries from Tails Now dog loves it


[img]https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15326380_1688068161505994_1180382469075000242_n.jpg?oh=e7b8ed0def13e86d990a01ace6092dc4&oe=58BA481D[/img] Seems legit


. mzz


Thanks will do :3


for a jack Russell it was £3.41

2 weeks tailor-made dog food + 4 free Gifts Just Pay £1 delivery @ tails.com
Found 22nd Feb 2016Found 22nd Feb 2016
2 weeks tailor-made dog food + 4 free Gifts Just Pay £1 delivery @ tails.com
Show your dog how much you love them with 2 weeks free tailor-made dog food Just pay £1 delivery PetsPyjamas are offering a limited number of free dog treat boxes to anyone who s… Read more

Thanks op i got my delivery within days. Big bag for £1. No free gifts tho. My lovely yodel driver dumped it over my front wall.


After leaving the page and reloading it it remembered my details and came up at £1. Thanks op. Although deliveries after that are £22 a month


Mine comes up at £9.52. I've clicked the correct link and even seen the offer on the page but still can't get it for £1 delivered.


Mine comes up at £22??


Thank you

Dog Food Worth £27 For FREE £1 P&P @ tails
Found 12th Jan 2016Found 12th Jan 2016
Dog Food Worth £27 For FREE £1 P&P @ tails
Tails is giving away FREE two week trial (just pay £1 P&P) of personalised dog food, made according to each dog’s needs. You don’t need to worry about deciding which food is ri… Read more

1.For our Schnauzer 9.5 kg, they are sending just under 5kg of food for just over £15, call it just over 3 quid a kg. 2. You can cancel or pause delivery from the links at the bottom of the main page of the website.


The quality isn't great but if you feed something like bakers/wagg/pedigree then its an upgrade for sure.


Wont let me type in code in voucher box.





2 weeks worth of tailor made dog food for £1 delivery - Tails
Found 11th May 2015Found 11th May 2015
2 weeks worth of tailor made dog food for £1 delivery - Tails
You can cancel any time within 14 days of your trial delivery

I'm getting the two weeks free trial, equates to 5.9kg of food for a 25kg puppy


Ps. How do add pictures?


No free trial but 20% off a 2 week trial and an extra 3 days is all I'm getting.


cant see free trial:(


cant see the free trial???

Tails  2 weeks dog food £1 sign up offer
Found 17th Jan 2015Found 17th Jan 2015
Tails 2 weeks dog food £1 sign up offer
Tails are cureently offering 2 weeks of dog food tailormade to your dogs needs for just £1 i ordered it and its fab my dog who us very fussy and is underweight loves this food and … Read more
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Type free dog food trial into Google and it comes up with tails.com. I've just ordered the free trial for a quid delivery so will see what happens


i've looked all over - no sign of it :-(


Offer in the top corner of tails website says 50% off on two week trial... Shame


I can't find a link or any mention of it on the site Does anyone have a URL for the form page? Thx


Or click the photo on this post them takes you to home page as well