Take Along Thomas buy 2 get 3rd free, Toys R Us In-store
Take Along Thomas buy 2 get 3rd free, Toys R Us In-store

Take Along Thomas buy 2 get 3rd free, Toys R Us In-store

I was in Toys R Us this evening and they are doing Buy 2 get the 3rd (cheapest) free on all Take Along Thomas trains.
I have looked on-line but cant find it so I assume it's in-store only.


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Here is my receipt.


awesome. son is addicted!

have a look on amazon as well. some of their take alongs are £3.90 with free delivery which would mean £11.70 for 3.

The choice is a little bit limited but there were some good ones last time I looked

Yes, these are all £3.90 at Amazon so voted cold.

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No they aren't ALL £3.90 at all.

I bought Metallic Neville, Amazon don't sell him, Murdoch who is £4.88 and Diesel 10 who is also £4.88.

Some of the Smaller trains, e.g. Thomas and Toby are £3.90 Check your facts first.

Sorry, I stand corrected.
A 22p per train saving on the Amazon price providing you buy three at Toys R us.
I still prefer Amazon though, 22p more per train but free delivery and I don't have to buy three.

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Toys R us are doing some of the smaller tank engines for £4.99 so you could buy 3 for 9.98 which would be a saving of £1.72
The point is that Amazon only have a limited selection of trains for £3.90, and when like my son you've already got most of the more common engines and want more for Christmas, this is a good deal.
But typically some people have their finger itching over the vote cold button before they really know what the deal is.

just so you know, I didn't actually vote cold - just thought to mention that some of the trains were a better deal at Amazon. They deliver to you, rather than having to make a trip out. And a lot of the cheap trains at Amazon aren't the most common ones.

So I think it is worth looking there too, not knocking your deal!
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