TAKEN DVD - £3 Instore at Tesco.
TAKEN DVD - £3 Instore at Tesco.

TAKEN DVD - £3 Instore at Tesco.

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Spotted this whilst shopping in the Coulby Newham tesco in the north east.
Cheapest i've ever seen this movie at.
Great find, brutal movie.


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Bargain price and a great film

Amazing film must see at that price.

Great film Great price-heat added

I agree with above, fab film...go get it!!:thumbsup:

Entertaining but OTT.

Excellent film!!


YOU MUST buy this if you see it. Super hot deal, really enjoyed this film

surprisingly Awesome Film! Hot.

Really good film, heat added...

really enjoyed this also

Good film and well worth the £2.99

Bargain, great film.

Awesome film. Hot.

Brilliant price, and one of the best movies of 2008.

this movie is fantastic, probably the best action movie ive seen in a long time. better than all the recent 007s infact (in my opinion) bloody good price too. i'll be getting the blu-ray version myself

Top film, and there's one hell of a body count in it!

Seen it the other day for the 1st time, great film but would agree that its a bit OTT, must buy at £3 though..

Gritty yet silly action film, but the ending isthe most totally unbelievable bit. He kills half of France incl. a major crime squad senior officer and his wife, the authorities are after him and know who he is, he's been stabbed / shot and yet he just strolls into an airport and comes home? Very annoying, they could at least have had him sneaking out.

Liam Neeson = Steven Seagal

Anyone seen this at another store to confim if nationwide... which i would assume?

wicked movie voted hott

Maxkax1 - what was the point in posting the ending to the film?! Thanks!

The universal praise you lot seem to be giving this movie really surprises me. It was an average at best action thriller. It had a few good moments, but it was hardly memorable.

It has 57% on Rotten Tomatoes so it seems I'm not alone in thinking this was distinctly average.

Actually sat through this movie. Wasn't too bad. The guy's daughter was annoying though. You kinda hoped they'd pop her off and then he would hold her and go "NOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO" in his accent lol.

Best film of 2008..... will buy just to watch again and again

Not the case in chester tesco, £7 there, i scanned it to check


Not the case in chester tesco, £7 there, i scanned it to check

Same in a Belfast store :oops:


Same in a Belfast store :oops:

Wish I was in Belfast, I'd be straight down the rangers supporters bar:o

Hot man,rented it one day brought it the next cracking film

Hot Hot Hot!

Hot - will check my local Tesco to see if they have a copy on the shelf for me lol. Anyway will get it scanned too in the case if its not marked at £3

Heat added.

Sounds like it's definitely not nationwide then... shame as i was going to pop in the Aldershot store later as have a day off. Will check anyway.
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