Tales From Europe - The Singing Ringing Tree / The Tinderbox DVD Boxset - £14.99 @ Network DVD

Tales From Europe - The Singing Ringing Tree / The Tinderbox DVD Boxset - £14.99 @ Network DVD

Found 16th May 2008
Great classics from childhood these. Next cheapest is £17.93 @ Asda.

The Singing Ringing Tree: To win the love of beautiful but conceited princess, a prince sets out to search for the Singing Ringing Tree which she deeply craves. He finds it in an enchanted garden which is ruled by an evil dwarf. The dwarf gives him the tree, subject to one condition the prince must win the princess love before nightfall. If he should fail, he will be transformed into a bear... and this comes to pass.

The Tinderbox: Based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Tinderbox tells the story of a poor soldier who meets a witch on his return from battle. The witch promises him gold if he recovers an old tinderbox from a hollow tree. After a quarrel he makes off with the gold without handing over the tinderbox and sets himself up in a neighbouring town. His generosity enables the town to flourish but when his fortune dwindles he is left only with the friendship of the poor and the tinderbox...

This special edition set features the original German versions with English subtitles whilst the Singing Ringing Tree has an english narrated version and The Tinderbox also contains a previously-unreleased English dubbed version. All versions have been sourced using newly-remastered digital transfers and both contain a music-only track and image gallery. The Singing Ringing Tree also has the featurette Interview with a Princess

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The Singing Ringing Tree is one very messed up program that's stuck with me since i saw it as a kid back in the 70's.

But saying all that, still a good deal heat added :thumbsup:
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