Tales of Berseria (PS4) - £29.99 - 40% off on PSN

Tales of Berseria (PS4) - £29.99 - 40% off on PSN

Found 7th Jul
Not seen any deals for this new in at least a month, and noticed it was 40% off in the PSN sale!


good deal when used in conjunction with cd keys 5% discounts

Price aside, this is the best Tales storyline they've made, well worth getting for any JRPG fans

Love this series, but holding out for a lower price

unless the game is something that i play all of the time, then i'd be reluctant to pay £30 for a digital title - £30 physical and then trade in once completed wouldn't be too bad for an RPG but still not a groundbreaking deal

if i didn't already have a backlog of games to play atm i'd be picking up zestiria for £11.99 in the sale though

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Whether or not you're personally holding out for a better price, this is the best deal for this game at the moment, so not understanding why it's cold.
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