Talisker 10y.o. single malt whisky Special RNLI lifeboat edition 70cl. £22.32 at Tesco in-store.

Talisker 10y.o. single malt whisky Special RNLI lifeboat edition 70cl. £22.32 at Tesco in-store.

Found 21st Jan 2010
Bought this the other day for the rather good price of £22.32. RRP £27.99 so a few quids off. Got it from in-store at the Warrington branch but seems to be nationwide if I do a price search on the tesco website.

Its a special edition Royal National Lifeboat Institution box with a magnetic closing flap, textured box and a quite nice piece of canvas sewn on to the front with the Talisker logo and so on. One for the whisky drinkers and box fanatics out there and a shiny pound goes to the RNLI to save all the drunken folk washed out to sea.

A whisky drinkers whisky from up in Skye. Its a beauty but here's some blurb anyway:


Strength: 45.8% ABV
Appearance: Brilliant gold.
Nose: Powerful peat-smoke with sea-water saltiness, the liquor of fresh oysters, and a citrus sweetness.
Body: Full.
Palate: A rich dried-fruit sweetness with clouds of smoke and strong barley-malt flavours, warming and intense. Peppery at the back of the mouth.
Finish: Huge, long, warming and peppery in the finish with an appetising sweetness.


Talisker is known for its unique spicy flavour with an above average peat content (while not as peaty as an Islay malt). The "spicy" character (also described as "firey" or "salty") comes from the water, malted barley, distilling method, barrels, and aging process used by the Talisker Distillery on the Isle of Skye. The brand is well-accepted and sells as a premium whisky. The high phenol level and distinct taste may prove "challenging" for the casual whisky drinker. This is especially true in the 10 year old version, while the 18 year old has a less dramatic, more subtle flavor. In 2007 Talisker 18 year old won "Best Single Malt In The World 2007" at the World Whiskies Awards.
The malt used is peated to a phenol level of approximately 25 parts per million (ppm), which is quite high for a non-Islay single malt.[citation needed] Additionally, the water used for production, from Cnoc nan Speireag (Hawk Hill), flows over peat which adds additional peatiness to the whisky.

The distiller began producing special bottlings of the whisky for connoisseurs in the early 2000s, with a 20 and 25 year bottling (where previously only a 10 year and 18 year were available). The 25-year bottling, despite being more expensive than the 20-year bottling, was distributed more widely.

Both Johnnie Walker whisky and Drambuie liqueur use Talisker as a component of their blended drinks; its presence is most notable in Walker's Green Label 15 Year Old Pure Malt.


Hope this suits! Enjoy!
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Good deal and one of the finest accessible whiskies you'll find.
agreed ^

The above, laphroig q. cask, highland park 12, ardbeg, balvenie double wood - best accessible whiskys.
typical chowderheads voting cold...
Excellent drink.
This has gone down to £17.32 today. Ridiculous price for such a high quality whisky. Get some in.
good deal at 17.32!
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