Talisker Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky £25 at Amazon

Talisker Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky £25 at Amazon

Found 22nd Mar 2017
Down from £35. Seems like a good price for a decent drink.
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decent price nice find heat added.:p
Not sure this is that great a deal as the 10 year old was this price a week ago
It's an odd one, too peaty if you're not keen/undecided on peaty whisky, but probably not enough if you like peaty ones!
Nice price and fine 45.8% hammer down drink. And like all peaty debates, have a couple and your not conscious of it - pun intended.
This is really peaty, had a bottle sitting around since a few promotions ago. No way i can get through it.
Didn't find this peaty at all, it's mostly matured in toasted oak casks so it's sweeter, with familiar Talisker smokiness, softer, not as complex and easier to drink than the 10yr old. Worth picking up at the price
Not a very interesting drink to my taste, not exactly full of character or depth. The priceis reasonable but not great, especially being a NAS whisky. Save your money and buy another 10-12yr next time theyre on offer. The Aberlour 12 is a good bet atm, or wait on a talisker 10, laphroig 10 etc coming up at similar prices.
Their 10 is good value at this price, so is the "storm", but not a fan of this stuff. Well discounted and good find, but barely worth it in real terms.
Picked one up in Tesco this morning at the same price. Was going to post the deal until I saw this.

Not tried Skye before and I like medium peaty ones (Bowmore etc.). Based on other comments it might be a bit too light in that department but I'll keep an open mind.
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