Talk talk offering Free router upgrades for existing customers

Talk talk offering Free router upgrades for existing customers

Found 9th Jul 2013
YMMV, I just received this and thought I'd share. No terms or conditions from what I could see, just a free router.
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i hope BT follow suit

Great find
not in the select group of customers
Says.. "Unfortunately this offer does not apply to your account."

Just not a special enough talktalk customer !!!
They don't like me
Thanks, given the link to some people i know who still uses talk talk
Two months ago they promissed me one of these routers and like a pillock I believed them.
Nearly nine weeks down the line I MIGHT get one throught this offer!
Thanks OP.

They don't like me

They don't like any of us.
We're just the inconvenience that comes between them and their payday!
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I Can't get one either, says "This offer is currently only available to a select group of customers. If you would like to upgrade to the
new HG533 you can do so by visiting the accessories shop" if not can pay for it! i dont think so
pfft me neither
this is a joke. cold.
Turned me down as well.

Has anyone got this besides OP
it worked for me, I thought it may work for others. since I don't know anyone else on talk talk, I put a ymmv. I'll expire it. sorry
It worked for me so thank you for listing.
Looks like you need your telephone to be with them as well as you internet.

TalkTalk phone number?
The offer is quite clear in that it is for users with outdated equipment.

I didn't qualify either as I have the Huawei HG523a, which does suffer too many dropouts, so I will post as much on their forum and see if they will replace it.

The replacement charge if you do simply want a new one is rather expensive though.
I'm glad it worked for someone anyway.

I'm glad it worked for someone anyway.

Just tried it and it worked for me.

I use my own netgear router but will gladly accept a new router for free.

Thank you very much.
Advice to all: I decided to go for the free YouView upgrade from TalkTalk and they gave me the new router, however I now can't print from my iPad to my AirPrint printer on my home network.

Having researched this on the Internet it seems everyone with Apple devices (iMac, MacBook (all versions), iPad, etc) are having problems with the TalkTalk router.

Think twice before jumping on this offer or at least do some research to ensure you're not going to have the same problems I, and ALL Apple owners are having!!!
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it worked for me, I thought it may work for others. since I don't know … it worked for me, I thought it may work for others. since I don't know anyone else on talk talk, I put a ymmv. I'll expire it. sorry

I am just on the basic package so not eligible but I am sure it will be useful for some people.

Thanks for posting!
Worked for me. I have the basic broadband and phone package and I've only been with them for just over 18 months, so my existing router isn't very old either.
worked for me.... cheers!
it helped some people out and only -33. better than the other deal I posted anyway. :-P
Talktalk could say what is the basis for 'select group' of eligible customer
I have talk talk broadband & phone (a year in advance line rental) and that's about it. nowt special about my set up.
I got the same email.
"I'm glad to be able to tell you that you have been selected to receive one of our new, most powerful wireless broadband routers completely free of charge and without any conditions. Click here to order your new router"
So I click the link and guess what...
"Our test show your router doesn't need replacing at this time"
WTF? TalkTalk really are incompetent.
Has any one who was accepted for this offer actually received anything?
I haven't, despite their assurances and the usual TalkTalk plattitudes.
What a God awfull company to deal with!
I got mine a couple of days later.

I was offered a new rougher by TalkTalk, but my Netgear DG834Gv2 roughter is still working fine. The WiFi is faster than then internet connection so can not see the point in upgrading it!

I did buy a new Netgear roughter wih N Wifi a few years ago, but the ADSL2 connection did not synic as fast as my old one so took it back!
Thanks so much for link, it has worked for me and other members of my family. Mind you my old router is over 7 years old but struggling with all the new iphones, ipads and all, hopefully this new one will be better.
I have the NEW router and it is the worst I have ever had EVER. If I lived in a iglu on one of the worst atmospheres on the planet with a 512k dial up connection I would still have more time on the net as opposed this fu#King Smalltalk ****! It's a robbery that they can throb paying customers off with cheap crap that plainly just don't work. I have four children and a women we ALL(want) to use the net at some point in the day but NO the **** router drops out more time then a saggy tit. Once the year is up I'm going BT if virgin was in the area then that would be first choice bitten line F Talktalk
For a while I have been a talktalk customer, but now need a router upgrade.
I have been told that providing that you are a talktalk customer this would be free.
If so, I will forward my postal address.
Please let me have your email address. Thank you Mr Roy Woodhouse
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